Salt Mines Walkthrough [Resident Evil 7/ RE7]

This is a detailed walkthrough for the Salt Mines Area in Resident Evil 7

This page contains the walkthrough for the Salt Mines area for Resident Evil 7.

Salt Mines Walkthrough

The Swamp area

One of two things will happen before you head into the Salt Mines area, and it all depends on who you give the Serum to. If you gave the Serum to Mia, she will throw you out of Wrecked Ship’s Engine Room, revealing that she is now able to resist Eveline’s influence.

On the other hand, if you gave the Serum to Zoe, Mia will succumb to Eveline’s control, and will attack you. Should this happen, this will be the final battle you will have with your erstwhile wife. Either way. head out of the Wrecked Ship and jump down to the swamp below, wading through the water towards a shack. Pick up some Flame Rounds along the right edge of the water to supplement your weapons stock. Enter the shack from beneath the wooden platforms.

Once inside, inspect the shelves to get Enhanced Handgun Ammo and a Diary. There is also a radio nearby; listen to the broadcast to learn about a helicopter that flew overhead as you were going to the shack. Get the Psychostimulants from this area and enter the next room.

The next room is a safe room, and it contains a lot of stuff, including the items you came across when you visited the Trailer. if you want to trade stuff for Antique Coins, this safe room is the last place you can do so.

Exit the safe room, but look back at the window to find a Mr. Everywhere Bobblehead on the windowsill, and some Magnum Ammo below. Move on, scooping up the Chem Fluid and Strong Chem Fluid from the mine carts. Head Right.

You will encounter a group of four Molded as you round the corner. Don’t panic, instead picking them off carefully to conserve your ammo. Head towards the elevator and dispatch the two other Molded that will appear here using the same tactic. Once inside, search the area for more Chem Fluid and Strong Chem Fluid. You can also get an Herb from an orange-colored container nearby, and some bullets hidden inside the crates.

Salt Mines img-01

Enter the elevator to go down into the Salt Mines.

Salt Mines

Once you get to the bottom of the mines, a four-legged Molded will attack from one end of the area. Take it down, then move carefully into the next room.

The next room has been rigged with tripwires and explosives; bypass them by creeping along the left until you arrive at a passage that has two more Molded. Don’t waste your ammo though – bait the creatures into chasing you, leading them back into the previous room and into the explosives to take them out in one shot. Once the Molded are dead, inspect the crates for more bullets.


Salt Mines img 02

Move along until you reach a ledge that you need to drop down from. (You won’t be able to climb back up though.) You will end up at a large room with several paths. Directly ahead of you will be a nook containing two Remote Bombs, while the lefthand one has a barrel hiding 44 Magnum ammo. However, the right-hand one has a regular and a four-legged Molded lying in wait.

Once you’ve taken care of the enemies, head left into a tunnel with a minecart path. Two more Molded will attack you; kill them, then shove the minecart nearby to send it into a barricade. It will create a hole, opening up a larger area, with a loft you can access.

Before climbing up the loft, inspect the area beneath the walkway to get ammo from a crate. There is also a Mr. Everywhere stashed near some barrels. Head back to the bridge in the area, scooping up Neuro Rounds along the right side. Climb up the stairs.

The upper part of the area has some more tripwires courtesy of Lucas Baker. Shoot them from afar to disable them remotely. Enter the next room.

The succeeding areas have a ton of information that advances the game’s plot and explains several details. Read the Email Log from the laptop (File # 25) and get the Herbs from the counter. Don’t forget to check the boarded-up bathtubs to get Steroids.

Continue on to the next room, the Lab. Read the Infection Report (File#24), and browse through some disturbing photos, then inspect the large cooler in the corner of the room which contains the E-Necrotoxin.

Salt Mines-img04

To get the E-Necrotoxin, read the E-Necrotoxin document, then put in the Eveline Tissue Samples into the cooler. There are a couple more files scattered on the tables in the room. These are the last two files, if you have been collecting the files in the game.

Escape the Salt Mines

The next safe room you will come across is the last one before facing the final boss of the game, so it’s your last chance to load up on the all-important guns, ammo and healing items. This safe room and some of the succeeding areas is relatively well-stocked, with Flame Rounds on one of the shelves, and Neuro Rounds in a drawer. You can also grab Enhanced Handgun Ammo from a barrel on the walkway as you are leaving the safe room, and some 44 Magnum Ammo hidden on the floor.

Go down the stairs, taking the Remote Bomb and Chem Fluid, then enter the path to the left. This will lead you to a flooded cave. You will hear humming as you are moving through the water; ignore that for now, and check the overturned minecart for more Neuro Rounds and 44 Magnum Ammo behind a rock. Enter the mine shaft to your right.

A girl will appear out of nowhere, meaning it is now time to take on the game’s Big Bad – Eveline. She won’t attack you directly at first, instead summoning black slime and several waves of Molded to take you out.

Battle your way through the hordes of Molded to the slope on one side of the area, grab the Herb lying in an alcove, then take on the next wave of Molded, which includes a Four-legged Molded. Break the crate lying beside one of the machines if you’re low on ammo, then kill the Molded that is coming to intercept you.

Sat Mines img05

Head up the narrow passage and climb the small steps. Get a Remote Bomb from the left-hand nook and two cases of ammo from the small storage area. Another wave of Molded will attack; finish them off and head up the stairs. Use the Remote Bomb to deal more damage to the Molded if you’re having trouble with them. Go up the flight of steps in front of you, drop down and move forward.

You will hear a roar as you enter the next area. A couple of Fat Molded will spawn from behind a pillar and attack you. If you have lots of Remote Bombs left, set them and bait the Fat Molded into chasing you, detonating the Bombs as you go. If not, crouch behind the structures in the room or hide in the platforms, then strafe the Molded with several shots. Be careful not to get hit with their spit attacks, as it covers a wide area.

Salt Mines img06

Once the Fat Molded are dead, head towards the direction from which they came, then climb up the ladder to the room above.

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Are there actually TWO steroids between the bathtubs in the salt mine or is that a typo?