Steroids and Stabilizer Locations [Resident Evil 7/RE7]

This section covers the locations of the Steroids and Stabilizers in Resident Evil 7.

We will be updating this section when other possible locations are found. 

In a survival horror game, the staple items are ammunition and recovery items which provide temporary cushion against the inevitable amidst item scarcity. However Resident Evil 7 pulls the hero into using tools to provide a more fighting chance in taking on the new mutations that have consumed the once fateful town of Dulvey, Louisiana.

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This is not to say that these are new elements in the game however since essentially for one – the Steroids, has the same potency as Resident Evil 4’s Yellow herb, in that when combined with the Green herb, the item (G+Y herb mixture) enables the hero to increase his max health by a certain amount after each use.

To cite its in-game description, it is an item that “Dramatically strengthens muscles and increases the hero’s max health. Effect lasts indefinitely.”

Main House 1F

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The first Steroids item spawns in the Drawing Room where a Deer Statue is found. It will be on top of the fireplace near the refrigerator. To find it, approach the fireplace and use the Action button to pull the upper right concrete, revealing its content.

Trailer (Yard)

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Once you gain access to the Yard after using the 3 Dog’s Heads, enter the Trailer to find the second Steroids item which costs 3 Antique Coins to open. This one spawns in the bird cages. If you’ve been keeping track of Antique Coins on the Easy/Normal Difficulty, the 9th Antique Coin also spawns here.

Testing Room 1F

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Face the long hallway head straight, be wary of the trap by crouching down. Enter the door then open the locker on the right corner to find another Steroids. In addition, Antique Coin 13 spawns in this room here on Easy/Normal, while Antique Coin 23, will appear on Madhouse Difficulty.

Salt Mines

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Open the map and head to the exit of an L-Shaped passage. The hero will arrive in a dimly lit room lined with various instruments. Move away from the monitor and position near the rack stuffed with a cardboard box on top, and some bottles and vials. Look down and examine the floor near some grungy bath tubs to find another Steroids item.


Upon examining the Stabilizer contained inside the Trailer, a caption will show “reloading speed increases indefinitely.” On the other hand, this isn’t exactly new for the installment either as Resident Evil 4 has implemented the increase in reloading speed albeit for certain upgraded weapons alone. Although missable, this enhancement might come in handy whenever Ethan is in a bind.

Trailer (Yard)

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Similar to the Steroids, there is also a Stabilizer contained in one of the bird cages inside the Trailer. To obtain one, you need to exchange 5 Antique Coins for it.

Kid’s Room (Main House)

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Apart from the coin exchange, there is also missable side-quest in order to obtain the Stabilizer. First, it requires Ethan to have the Snake Key in possession so that he could enter the Kid’s Room. Second, by reading the notes scattered inside the room, Ethan will discover a way on how to operate the mechanism. By unlocking a hidden passage, Ethan will find the Toy Axe, a mysterious Key Item.


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To reach the labyrinth, you must have completed the Dog’s heads and unlocked the door. Exit through the door, head down the steps then turn left passing through some vegetation. Move forward until you reach a post with an electric box then turn left past it, you will pass through some plants and eventually reach a contraption similar to the Shadow Puzzles in the Old House. Use the Toy Axe and place it properly before triggering the action button to solve the puzzle. This will trigger the lock’s mechanism thereby releasing it.

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