Guest House Walkthrough [Resident Evil/ RE7]

Arriving at Dulvey


So, the first puzzle requires you to make your way to the Guest House. It begins with a few cutscenes of Ethan going through the files about his wife. When he goes through the videos, he begins looking for her and makes his way towards the very place she vanished. After the expository cutscene, you find yourself parking your car along a dirt road in a Louisiana forest. Head up the path. You’ll notice mosquitoes hissing at your face. A few meters later, you’ll finally catch a glimpse at Dulvey’s very own Haunted Mansion. Head up the gate, and you’ll see that it’s locked, and the intercom doesn’t work.

Head left. There’s a path leading down to a van. Investigate it, to find some creepy knickknacks. Head towards the rusty gate, with the bloody sign, “accept her gift.” Keep moving. You’ll eventually catch a glimpse of Jack Baker. Keep moving. He won’t hurt you just yet.

part 1

You’ll eventually find yourself by a clearing with a dead carcass and a hideous, small gate with severed animal limbs. Crouch and enter the gate. Keep moving until you need to drop off a ledge.

part 1

A few meters away is the backdoor of the kitchen. Take note of the purse here. Examine its interiors to find a Texas Driver’s license. It looks like it belonged to Mia!

Guest House – Backdoor Entrance

You’ll now find yourself at the porch leading up to the house. Head up the porch and go inside. It’s very, very dark. Nevertheless, Ethan brings out a flashlight. Head inside to find that the door used to enter slamming shut. You won’t be getting out of there via backdoor again, that’s for sure.

Go through the other door. You’ll find yourself in an L-shaped hallway. A cabinet stands ominously by the window, taking in most of the sunlight. You’ll find it locked. Take note of this for later.


Turn right, and you’ll see the kitchen. You can interact with some objects here. Most of them are there to gross you out. Check the pot for an arachnophobic scare. What have the Bakers been eating? Of note are two drawers. One of which is locked, and the other one holds a torn picture of a shadowy figure. Check the table as well for a Dulvey Newspaper.

Guest House – 2F Save Room

Nothing much to do here for now apart from the locked drawer, so head to the hallway with a staircase. Walk up the stairs leading to 2F to find a Cassette Player. This is your save point for the whole game. It’s up to you if you want to save. You’ll find a “Derelict House Footage” there as well. Make sure you take it.

Guest House – Living Room

Head downstairs. There’s a room under the staircase, but there isn’t much to do there, so it’s best that you head to the next room–the Living room. The TV has no reception, giving off white noise.

You’ll find a few pictures here: one of Mia sitting up, one of Jack standing over her, one of the younger Bakers on the couch, smiling (apart from Jack), and one of a grated metal door. You’ll also find a fusebox here. Place the “Derelict House Footage” in the videotape

Have you played Beginning Hour? Then this won’t creep you out as much.

Derelict House Footage

The videotape starts outside the Guest House. You’re in control of Clancy, the camera man. Follow Andre and Pete as they bicker with each other. Eventually, Andre kicks down the door to the house.

The trio find themselves in the Kitchen. Eventually, Andre walks out of the scene (you can’t follow him), and becomes missing. Pete will start calling out for Andre. He then decides to forget the taping and just leave the house right after looking for Andre.

Follow Pete as he heads for the living room. You both hear a loud thud, prompting Pete to check it out. You both enter the living room. Pete finds a lever in the fireplace and pulls it.

A small, hidden door opens. There’s a hidden room inside! Follow Pete into the hidden room, where a ladder awaits you at the far end. Pete wants you to go down the ladder. Oblige him, head down the ladder.

Guest House – Basement Floor

After the long climb down, you’ll find yourself in a damp basement. Look around to see Andre. After this, a cutscene triggers.

Finding Mia

You’re now back to controlling Ethan. He’s freaked out by the tape. Follow Pete’s actions in the tape and pull the lever in the fireplace. The same door creaks open. Enter the hidden hallway and go down the ladder.

Guest House – Basement Floor

The moment you begin your descent, the ladder breaks. We’re now where Clancy  and Andre met their untimely demise. Since there’s no one here, proceed on and head left through the passageway. Once you reach the end, wade through the dirty water. Make a right and begin swimming through. Don’t mind the rumbling water; just keep heading forward. Turn right at the next corner where you see a door. When you make your way forward, some pops up to say hello. Just what happened here?

Probs Clancy’s head?

After ignoring the bobbing head, swim towards the shore and walk through the pathway. When you head through the door, you’ll find yourself in the Guest House basement once more. There isn’t much to do here yet; just take note of the creepy symbols on the  wall. Continue following the pathway until you find a brightly-lit cell. Head down the hallway to the cell and when you enter the room, you find the one person you’re looking for – Mia Winters!

Before you enter, of note is a strange piece of paper on a table near the door to the left, and a wire cutter. Take the wire cutter. Remember the cabinet earlier? Yes.

You’ll also need the wire cutter to cut the chains off the cell door. When you get inside, you’ll find Mia lying on the bed. Approach her and she’ll be surprised with your appearance. She begins to ask you questions until she mentions something about “daddy” which causes her to panic.

After helping her up, follow Mia out  the door where Ethan starts asking questions. However, Mia dodges the questions and says that escape is the priority. Follow her as she continues to look for a way out. You and Mia will eventually find yourselves in a tight passageway, blocked by a shelf. Go through it, follow Mia into a room with a lamp. Mia panics because the door that she was looking for disappeared. She then sits on the couch, deranged.

On the cart, you can see a picture of an old woman. Creepy.

When you’re done, head left, and take a look at a Doll on the shelf. However, you suddenly hear Mia screaming. Immediately return to the room where Mia was sitting only to find her gone! In her place is the previously-sealed doorway. Go through that door way. On your left is the stairway to 1F. Head up the narrow stairway to find yourself in another part of the Guest House.

Guest House 1F – EAST

When you get inside, the sun sets or the  clouds begin closing in. The world around you gets dark and every step you take in the house causes the wood to creak. When inside, check out the phone lying on the table only to find out that it doesn’t work.

After that, head towards the  cabinet to obtain the Guest House Map. When you’re done with that area, head to the bathroom which is just down the hallway. Inside the bathroom, you’ll find First Aid bottles x2 in the area. One bottle is on a counter and the other one is inside a drawer. Suddenly, there are banging noises. Head out to find out what they are.

If you try checking the door on the western end of the hallway, you’ll find it locked. The only thing you can do is check out where the banging noises are coming from. They’re coming from the basement. Once you approach the basement door, the banging stops. Enter the stairway to watch a short scene.

In this sequence, hit the button prompt on the screen to resist. Ouch. This is more fun in VR, probably.

Once you regain control, you can use your first aid meds to heal your wounds. After this, get ready for another sequence. Mia throws you into a room. You’ll find an axe next to you. The only way to get out of this room is to fight Mia.

However, fighting Mia isn’t easy especially when you have her using a knife. Use the axe to slash her down and after she’s down, the phone will ring. Head to the ringing phone and answer it. After the small interaction, the caller points you to the third floor window to escape this terrible place.

Head to the previously locked door to the east. Before you leave, check the room where Mia’s body rests. It won’t be there. Pick up your axe, and head down the hallway and up the stairs.

When inside the room, you’ll find a save point where you can save your progress. After that, check the red button by the pole. It looks like the switch to the stairs isn’t working. You know that the fusebox is by the kitchen in the L-shaped hallway, so head down the stairs and cross the kitchen to get there. Cut the wires locking the closet, to get the fuse.

When you enter the kitchen, you’ll see a subtle sillhouette passing by. However, no need to worry. Yet. After all, that thing isn’t going to kill you just yet. Head back to the living room to put the fuse back in the fusebox. Head up stairs and when you get to the next room, a deranged Mia will chase after you.

You just lost your arm

Your hand can’t be retrieved for now, so head up the stairs instead. When you reach the top of the stairs, you’ll see the red button that leads you straight to the attic. With that, press the red button again and when you do, the stairs drop down. Make your way up the stairs and try saving on the second floor save room.

Guest House – 3F

Head up the hallway and turn right, entering the first room you see. There’s a desk here with a solitary lamp, lighting up the room. On the table is an M19 Pistol, handgun ammo x5, and a first aid med kit.

There isn’t much for you to do here except practice your swing with some boxes. Sometimes, boxes contain bullets, so it’s best if you start smashing if you like. Afterwards, leave the area, head down the hallway that leads to the next room.

When you  go through the hallway, you’ll find yourself under attack. Even with all the doors, Mia will chase you with an angry chainsaw. While there, take a look around. There’s a table with Handgun Ammo x7. There are some boxes here as well. After this, head up the ladder. Get ready for a cutscene.

By this time, you should have at least 14 handgun ammo to your person. When she’s staggering towards you, aim for the head to take her down. Eventually, Mia is rendered unconscious. However, the encounter starts to take its toll as you begin to pass out from blood loss. After leaving Mia behind, walk out into the main hallway when a familiar foe walks into the room to slug you in the head.

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