All Treasure Photos Locations [Resident Evil 7/RE7]

This section provides a detailed summary of the Treasure Photos and their possible Locations for Resident Evil 7.

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This section covers a list of all the Treasure Photos obtainable in Resident Evil 7.


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The norm of Resident Evil, especially Traditional titles, utilized the Files system to portray the significance of investigation. One example is Resident Evil 2 which highlighted the use of Films as part of its archive to showcase not only experiments but also some Easter Eggs. However, with the advent of Resident Evil 4, Treasures populate several locations spread across the island. These signify the importance of the Pesetas system to capitalize on increasing the player’s currency in order to buy and upgrade items and weapons.

Treasure Photos

However, Resident Evil 7 introduces Treasure Photos which gives the player the choice to backtrack to certain locations. It requires Ethan to decipher certain secrets to obtain hidden Items, that although not necessary to progress through the game, they conveniently shape up Ethan’s performance during difficult encounters.

First Treasure Photo

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Treasure Photo #1 is obtainable in the basement in the Main House. To get there, head to the location of the Scorpion Key which is the Processing Area where you obtain the Processing Area Map.

Examine the metal shelf positioned by the corner to discover the photo placed on the it.

Main House 1F

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By observation, the photo directs you to some concrete pattern with a fireplace, it’s the Drawing Room. If you remember the room with the Deer Statue with the Crow Door that leads to the Supplies Room. Therefore, backtrack to the Main House 1F, then approach the fireplace to interact with the concrete, you will find the usable item Steroids.

Second Treasure Photo

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To obtain the next Treasure Photo, you need to have triggered the scene where Marguerite crawls deeper into the tunnel. These are the conditions necessary to trigger the event: Obtain the Crow Key from the North Outhouse after using the Crank to raise the bridge, get pushed down the pit by Marguerite after approaching the Crow Door, entered the Altar and observed the mechanism with the missing Lantern.

Follow Marguerite through the tunnel and you will eventually climb all the way to the Greenhouse. Check by the side of the stairs of the Greenhouse to obtain Treasure Photo #2 conveniently sticking out of the paneling.

Examine the photo and it shows a photo of a Toilet, carefully examining it leads to the Trailer in the Yard. To easily backtrack, unlock the door barred from the Greenhouse’s side, this reveals a relatively easier path to get to and from the Greenhouse.

Go back to the Yard then enter the Trailer. Check the toilet to obtain 44 MAG Ammo.

Third Treasure Photo

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The third and last photo points you to one of the two possible Repair Kit locations. In order to obtain this Treasure Photo, it requires Ethan to have obtained the Snake Key. This is obtainable when you have finished the Old House Walkthrough and have answered the call inside the Trailer.

After inconveniently manning up to the Challenge, head back to Main House 2F then enter the Master Bedroom.

Check the map to locate the Storage Room, then examine the red stool.

This image shows a location in the Testing Area. Ethan’s next destination requires two colored keycards. These are obtainable by unlocking doors marked with the Snake pattern.

By the time you have unlocked the door requiring the keycards, proceed to the room with the Mannequin’s head positioned upright on a cage, you will eventually find the Repair Kit after triggering the mechanism.

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