The Real Meaning Behind ‘Go Tell Aunt Rhody’ [Resident Evil 7 / RE7]

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Resident Evil 7's plot. If you want to be spoiled, go ahead.

Eveline’s Theme

Resident Evil 7 found itself on store shelves a week ago, and players all over the world have sunk their teeth in grade-A B-movie horror. Gamers have walked the harrowing halls of the Baker plantation. We have uncovered the secrets of Dulvey’s haunted mansion, and most of us did not leave frustrated or wanting. Also, we left that game singing the Resident Evil 7 theme song to ourselves!

One of the things we now know is that Grandma Baker is actually the main antagonist of the whole game. Yes, the creepy old lady turns out to be Eveline. Eveline is a bioweapon capable of mind control and creating fungoid abominations called the molded.

We know that Eveline is responsible for Mia and the Bakers’ infection and mutations. However, we didn’t know that Capcom was already revealing that huge chunk of the plot in the very first trailer of the game. It stared at us right from the beginning!

The first Resident Evil 7 tape is named “Desolation.” It  features screens from the Guest House level. However, what is of note in this video is a very very cryptic rendition of “Go Tell Aunt Rhody.” The song is a 250 year-old nursery rhyme made popular in the 1900s.

This is where we’ll find our juicy plot point. When we analyze the whole song, we’ll find that it reveals a lot about Eveline’s nature and motives–and some plot points found in-game.


We’ll begin this analysis with some background information. Go Tell Aunt Rhody‘s tune came from Jean-Jacques Roussaeu’s opera “Le devin Du Village.” However, it was a century later when Americans began singing it regularly.

Everybody’s Dead, Dave 

We know about Eveline due to the flashbacks in the Wrecked Ship segment. The game tells us about the Bakers as well, that they were very kind rural folk (apart form Lucas). It’s possible that when they found Eveline, Marguerite taught the tune to the little girl to bond with her. Eveline, with an inclination to infect, kill, and destroy, altered the lyrics to suit her nature:

“Go tell aunt Rhody… 
That everybody’s dead.”


We now understand why Eveline enjoys singing the song, and why she changed the lyrics. Now, let’s go deeper into the verses, where really, really meaty backstory data is found.

“I was raised in a deep and dark hole,
A prisoner with no parole,
They locked me up and took my soul,
Shamed of what they’d made.”

This stanza alludes to Eveline’s earlier life as a bioweapon. She was raised in a “deep, dark hole/a prisoner with no parole.” The bioweapon developers “locked her up and took [her] soul.” This possibly alludes to her hunger in seeking a family–that was what she desired. Her soul, so to speak. Finally, “ashamed of what they made,” possibly refers to Eveline’s point of view as to why she was locked up. Maybe she thought they were all ashamed of her, and didn’t want to see her. She didn’t understand that she was infectious.


“I call to him and he will come,
She’ll answer him like he’s the one,
His arm’s outstretched, but when she’s done,
He’ll be torn apart!”

The persona narrates about calling a person. This alludes to Ethan’s eventual involvement: Eveline coerces Mia to give an e-mail to Ethan. “She’ll answer him like he’s the one,” is very muddled, but the line implies deception on behalf of the “she.” This does allude to Mia luring Ethan into the plantation, given that Mia was rather normal at first when we meet her. “His arm’s outstretched, but when she’s done,” possibly refers to Ethan’s first encounters with Mia. Combine this line with the next line: “He’ll be torn apart!” and you have a direct allusion to the Guest House encounter with Mia. Ethan’s wrist gets cut off.


Source: Generic Gaming

This part of the song ascends with childish glee, fitting well with the idea that this is a twisted child who delights in killing.


Quite clever, Capcom. Indeed, this was very, very clever. Who knows what other secrets Capcom has up its sleeves? What other secrets reside in such an ominous place as the Dulvey haunted mansion? Let’s all delve into Resident Evil 7 once more to find out.


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Can you remove the massive spoiler?


Screw you for the MASSIVE spoiler about grandma, all I did was google for the name of the theme song!


wow never noticed that!!
good job.


iv played all the games not died once and I did not know any of that