Dark Turtlez – Secret Boss Guide [Tales of Berseria/ ToB]

*We will update this guide for any corrections and changes once the English version of the game is released

This guide will show you how to find Dark Turtlez, a secret boss in Tales of Berseria.

How to make Dark Turtlez appear

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Follow the steps below for the secret boss to appear in the game.

Obtain “Edna’s Letter”

Defeat the secret boss Phoenix. Once you defeat the Normin, a conversation with a Turtlez will commence at the entrance of the temple north of Danna Highway. You will receive “Edna’s Letter” from the Turtlez.

Click here to know more about where to find Phoenix in the game.

Meet the Turtlez Merchant

Talk to the Turtlez Merchant in Gaiburg Iceland.

Release 38 Katz

Release 38 Katz from the Katz boxes.

Talk to the Katz at the temple

After releasing 38 Katz, talk to one of the Katz at the temple in Danna Highway.

Dark Turtlez will appear

After doing all the steps, go to central square at Katz Village and meet the secret boss.

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