Normin Phoenix – Secret Boss Guide [Tales of Berseria/ ToB]

Fight the adorable Normin Phoenix

This guide will show you where to find and how to beat the Secret Boss Phoenix, the adorable yet surprisingly powerful Normin in Tales of Berseria.

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Where to find Phoenix

The powerful Normin can be found around Titania after completing the story of the game. In order for it to appear, you need to find the 4 Normins scattered around the world.

Here is a list of the normins and where to find them:

Red Normin – Fordis Hostoric Ruins, northwest of the first floor next to the treasure box.

Blue Normin – Haria Village, in the middle of the village.

Black Normin – Cadonics Harbor, in a box next to the weapon shop.

Green Normin – Stoneberry, somewhere in the field.

How to beat Phoenix

Enemy Name Level HP Attack Defense Resists Weaknesses
Phoenix 100 128520 967 1342 Fire/Water Earth

Phoenix is Level 100, so grind and prepare first before fighting this secret boss.

Once its HP goes down to 0 for the first time, it resurrects itself with added powerful range attacks.

Use earth-based attacks and spells against the boss, but always keep a distance whenever the Normin is attacking.

Recommended party members: Eizen, Magilou, Eleanor, and Laphicet

Close-combat attacks are effective against Phoenix. Eizen should have the Artes called Stone Edge. Strike the boss with Stone Edge then keep distance after landing the attack. Use Eizen’s Split Step to easily teleport closer to Phoenix whenever the Normin is open.

Also, be careful of the Normin’s Stomping, Blaze Swarm, and Burn! Artes as it can inflict stun. Once you are stunned, the boss will most likely hit you with again with a powerful attack.

Always remember to stay away or defend whenever the boss is attacking or using a spell as it can deal massive damage in one hit.


Note: After defeating Phoenix, you may want to battle Dark Turtlez next. Click here to know more about where to find Dark Turtlez in the game.

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I killed him three times and he resurrected all three time before I finally does. How many lives does this guy have?

You don’t need to beat the game to fight Phoenix. I fought him before entering the final dungeon. Fighting him early is tough since you’ll probably be in the low to mid 50s by then, but he can be beat and doing so jumps your party’s levels to the low 60s, which can save on grinding for the final boss.

You forgot to add he heals a second time but not fully, im currently fighting him and he did that damn resurrection thingy lol its like “this isnt my final form yet!”. So annoying