FIFA 21 - How to Do Scoop Turns

A guide on how to do a scoop turn in FIFA 21, including basic information on the type of technique, best situations to use it, and useful tips.

FIFA 21 - How to Do Scoop Turns

How to Do Scoop Turns

A scoop turn is one of the craftiest techniques to use when attacking, allowing you to quickly get past defenders or create space to line up a shot. Note that the scoop turn requires at least a four-star skill rating to perform.


The scoop turn is performed by inputting the commands for a fake shot (◯>×) and titling the left analog stick diagonally from the direction your player is facing at a 45-degree angle. An easier way to visualize the direction you should tilt the left analog stick is by looking at a keyboard’s numpad which consist of the numbers 1 to 9. These numbers correspond to different directions in an eight-way system: 8 is ↑, 2 is ↓, 4 is ←, and 6 is →. The remaining numbers meanwhile, correspond to diagonal inputs: 7 is ↖, 9 is ↗, 1 is ↙, and 3 is ↘.

For instance, if you want to perform a scoop turn when your player is facing the left side of the pitch, press ◯>× while tilting the left analog stick to either the direction of 7 (↖) or 1 (↙) on the numpad. When facing the right side of the pitch, meanwhile, input ◯>× while tilting the left analog stick to either the direction of 9 (↗),  or 3 (↘).

Game Controls

Note that players with a 4-star skill rating can only perform scoop turns when stationary. Players with 5-star skill ratings, however, can execute them on the move.

Tips for Scoop Turns

  • Performing the scoop turn after a fake shot allows you to create a good amount of space, especially against players who move too predictably on the pitch.
  • As with most techniques, practice is the best way to get the move down to confidently use it against other players online. You will also want to mix up your dribbling and scoop turn with other crafty techniques like the drag back and heel-to-heel flick when in critical situations near the post.

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