Final Fantasy X / X-2 - Walkthrough Part 32 – Mt. Gagazet

A complete walkthrough for Mt. Gagazet in Final Fantasy X-2 (FFX-2), including obtainable items and strategies

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Mt. Gagazet


Yuna Rikku

Obtainable Items

Item Location
Elixir Mt. Gagazet (platform on the right near the cave)
Hi-Potion Mt. Gagazet (small cave on the north side)
White Cape Mt. Gagazet (jump across the platform)
Phoenix Down Mt. Gagazet (recess on the east)
Syndicate Uniform Mt. Gagazet (after the cutscene)

Area: Mt. Gagazet

1 Talk to the Ronsos and offer advice.
2 Interact with Kimahri a couple of times.
3 Choose “You have to figure this out on your own.”
4 To expedite your travel, take the warp pad near the entrance.
5 When you reach the mountain path, scale the slope and continue along the trail.
6 Once the mission starts, trail behind the Fem-Goon by scaling the cliffs to reach the ledge.
7 Walk up to the right platform and leap onto it to open the chest on the right. Then, enter the cave.
8 Pass through the cave and move across platforms as you go.
9 Follow the north path to find a small passage. Then, reach for the ledge to loot the chest.
10 Return down and continue west to leave the cave.
11 Go right to find the Fem-Goon.
12 Scale the cliffs on the ledge and collect the items.
13 Approach the Fem-Goon to trigger a cutscene.
14 Climb the rocks all the way to the top, then continue left.
15 Walk up to the floating stones, then jump to land on top of one.
16 Loot the chest, then continue east to find a recess.
17 Head through and loot the chest. Then, go back out and continue right.
18 Move across the ledges and go through the passage for a cutscene.
19 Exit the area for a boss battle.
20 Head to Zanarkand Ruins.


Answering the Ronsos

Ronso Problem Answer
Woman near Kimahri Worry is great burden on Elder’s shoulders He does seem very tired.
Garik Ronso youth grow strong, destroy hated Guado. Garik swear to mountain! Garik avenge murdered Ronso! What if the Guado retaliate?
Man wandering about near the exit Al Bhed too, suffer at hand of Guado. Guado is source of much chaos! Maybe the Guado really are to blame.
Woman on the right near the mountain’s entrance Guado must die for Ronso future! And what of the Guado?
Man walking near the mountain’s entrance Garik will march, fight Ronso enemies. Fight Guado! Please, try to think about it some more.
Man wearing red breastplate near the left of the mountain’s entrance Elder is weakling, Garik move too slow! Guado will escape us! Then… there won’t be anyone left to fight.
Guard by the cave’s stairs Many people come to sacred mountain uninvited. Sphere hunters are problems! They should take better care of the mountain.

Similar to chapter 1, you need to choose the correct answer to build your trust with each Ronso.

Dealing with the floating platforms

Some chests lie on top of platforms and move when you approach them by running. The trick to reaching these platforms is to walk up to the edge and jump across.

Boss: Ormi

Ormi bides his time to charge for a powerful attack. He employs the same tactics as before, so choose between using a songstress dressphere or another to stop him from landing his attacks or interrupt him. Rotate these with the thief dressphere to increase your earnings.

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