Final Fantasy X / X-2 - Walkthrough Part 35 – Leblanc’s Chateau

A complete walkthrough for Leblanc's Chateau in Final Fantasy X-2 (FFX-2), including obtainable items and strategies

Leblanc’s Chateau


Yuna Rikku

Obtainable Items

Item Location
Bum Rush Garment Grid Airship Celsius (after finding all the Leblanc Syndicate uniforms)
Gold Hairpin Leblanc’s Chateau (complete the massage mini-game the first time, then look for the hidden area containing a chest)
Heady Perfume Leblanc’s Chateau (if you fail the massage mini-game)
Crimson Sphere 10 Leblanc’s Chateau (check the bookshelf)
Healing Light Garment Grid Leblanc’s Chateau (after defeating the Leblanc Syndicate)

Area: Leblanc’s Chateau

1 After collecting all three Leblanc Syndicate uniforms and finishing all side missions, head to the chateau in Guadosalam.
2 When you reach the entrance, tell them you are ready to enter.
3 Go through the double doors on the first floor.
4 Talk to Logos and Ormi.
5 Return to the foyer, then head upstairs to enter the room.
6 Complete the massage mini-game.
7 Head back downstairs, then speak to Logos and Ormi one more time.
8 Look for the switch. Press it to unlock a hidden door.
9 Go through and follow the curved path.
10 Defeat Ormi.
11 Continue through the hidden corridor, then past the save sphere going left.
12 Optional: Save your game.
13 Enter the double doors in the corner and loot the chest.
14 Exit the room. Go down the corridor and enter the next set of double doors.
15 Check the bookshelf to loot an item.
16 Defeat Logos.
17 Head back out.

Area: Leblanc’s Chateau – Deactivate the alarm

1 Go through the corridor, then up the ledge.
2 Jump off the first pit. Interact with the switch.
3 Scale the next ledge, then jump down again.
4 Interact with the switch here, then go up to reach the end of the corridor.
5 Watch the cutscene.
6 Immediately turn around, and backtrack all the way to the end.
7 Wait for the wall to come, to trigger another cutscene.
8 Interact with the switch to deactivate the trap.
9 Go down the corridor, then interact with the switch.
10 Enter the passage and approach the door.
11 Defeat the Leblanc Syndicate.
12 Watch the cutscenes.


Massage Mini-game

When the mini game starts, a grid will appear on Leblanc’s back. You need to move the heart to the points on the grid and press X. Depending on the location, Leblanc will react. If you find the sweet spot, the heart will turn red. If the spot is a square away from the target, the heart will turn yellow. Spots that are a square diagonal away will change the heart’s color to green. Spots that are tiles away from the sweet spot will change the heart blue.

You are given 15 tries to find the sweet spot and accumulate 32 points. If you complete the mini-game successfully the first time, you have a chance at obtaining the Gold Hairpin later on. If you fail, you have to start over and the prize in the secret area will change to a Heady Perfume.


Ormi is similar to previous encounters, but this time, he starts to use the Huggles attack. If he catches you with this attack, he will deal multiple hits to a member with a chance to knock them out. If you scan him, it will reveal that he is weak to Poison and Darkness. Have a member wear the Songstress dressphere and cast an ailment to prevent him from using his attack.


Logos will be joining Ormi this round. The former often attacks and can now use Russian Roulette, which spreads status to the party. Rotate the Thief and Black Mage Dresspheres to deal with Logos, then have a member change to a Songstress dressphere to deal with Ormi.

Leblanc Syndicate

If you take too much time to defeat one of them, the group can launch a devastating triple attack. You can prevent this from happening by focusing first on the member with the lowest health. Among the three members, Logos’ vitality is lackluster so channel your attacks on him. If they connect their attack, immediately heal or use items to patch the team up. Once you defeat Logos, focus on Leblanc. Cast debuffs on them if. Finally, interrupt Ormi with Darkness or Sleep when he charges for an attack.

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