Act 4 Walkthrough – Dolth’s Keep [Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia]

This page contains the Act 4 Walkthrough – Dolth's Keep. It includes the Items Obtainable, Objectives, and the accompanying Units.

Act 4 Walkthrough – Dolth’s Keep

This article contains the Act 4 Walkthrough – Dolth’s Keep. It includes the Items Obtainable, Objectives, and the accompanying Units.

*Currently the list is incomplete and most of these are rough translations. We will update it when the game comes out.


One of the more difficult Maps in Act 4 of Celica’s Story. Dolth will invite Necrodragons to join the fray, which means that if you cannot pass through quickly, you will have to deal with them later.

The objective is to draw the attention of the Necrodragon, causing them to move away from the enemies guarding the entrance to the Keep.

To start, send the Pegasus Sisters to charge at the Necrodragon, then knock it out completely using one of your Blessed Sword wielders such as Saber.

At the start of the turn, Genny should keep the party fighting fit whenever she’s nearby. Genny’s Invoke can summon your own illusory soldiers to take care of the Necrodragons, providing a cushion during the heat of battle. Finish them off with your Ranged allies like Leon to earn Experience.

As for the rest of the enemies, they will emerge from the keep’s entrance, which is on the right side. As you march to the keep’s entrance, avoid the Necrodragon’s range at all costs.

With the enemies weakened, finish off the others by storming the keep.

Enemy Information

Arcanist 1 28 8 3 4 0 5 8 4
Arcanist 5 32 10 5 6 0 7 8 4
Sniper 1 30 12 6 6 0 6 2 5
Myrmidon 1 30 11 11 14 0 7 6 5
Dolth 10 42 17 12 12 0 12 11 4 Dragon Scale

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