Act 4 Walkthrough – Duma’s Swamp [Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia]

This page contains the Act 4 Walkthrough – Duma’s Swamp. It includes the Items Obtainable, Objectives, and the accompanying Units.

Act 4 Walkthrough – Duma’s Swamp

This article contains the Act 4 Walkthrough – Duma’s Swamp. It includes the Items Obtainable, Objectives, and the accompanying Units.

*Currently the list is incomplete and most of these are rough translations. We will update it when the game comes out.


The most powerful Cantor Jedah makes his first appearance in this map. It is difficult to defeat Jedah given his skill Duma’s Protection which blocks counterattacks. His durability is further heightened by his Dracoshield. However, since he will escape on the fifth turn, simply ignore him and focus on taking out his minions.

The party should split into two groups, one will march through the left, the other will advance to the right.

Assemble your Seraphim casting Mage beside the Pegasus Sisters to take out the Fiend and Mogall on the left side. Put the Baron and Dread Fighter on the front lines to defend the team from the Mogalls that Jedah summons on the right.

Lure gargoyle using the pegasus sisters while the other units should focus on moving across the Swamp. Ensure that the Gargoyle’s will not ensnare the other units that pass through.

Avoid the range of the Mage and the Sniper as you go across the swamp. Should you wish to take them out as well, cross the path to reach the normal ground first before you take them out.

If you have already ranked up the Pegasus Sisters to Falcon Knights, this skirmish becomes easier to finish even against the opposing Fiends.

With the left team keeping the enemies busy, line up the durable units on the front line to prevent the Mogalls from breaking through. Whittle the swarm of Mogalls down with a combination of melee attacks from the front line, and snipe them with arrows and spells such as Seraphim from the back. This should prevent the Fiend from approaching as well, which provides a chance for Spell casters to bring it down.

By successfully defending for 5 turns, Jedah will escape, this ends the mission.

Have the left group take out the Terrors in front and those that remain in the swamp. Defeat the Fiend efficiently using Seraphim for major damage.

Enemy Information

Fiend 1 40 22 5 3 0 19 10 4
Mogall 5 36 17 12 20 0 10 4 3
Jedah 20 52 21 17 6 0 28 14 4 Dracoshield

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