“Not A Hero” DLC Character’s Identity Speculations [Resident Evil 7]

Looks like someone is coming back to town and we might be in for a big surprise for this easter egg and cameo appearance for the Spring DLC.


Ever since the Resident Evil 7 debut, Capcom has been churning out new DLC for the game. For the first DLC, they added a few more things:

  • Fixed certain bug fixes
  • Added New Support Add-ons
  • New trophies added
  • Now supports notifications of new additional chapters

While this DLC came in on the debut day of January 24 (for those who have the disc version), there have been a few speculations for what this is for. Some say it’s for the latest Not A Hero patch that’s coming in this spring for Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. Now, the question is: who is this person on their teaser promo?


Now, people have seen this person already. For those who finished the game, this familiar face pops up at the end of the game.

Remember this guy???

Funny enough, this guy appears at the last part after Ethan blasts Eveline’s head with the Albert-01. Call it crazy but something seems up. Especially since this guy has ridiculous similarities to a certain hero…

Because of this, the whole Resident Evil 7 community has been abuzz. What in the world is Chris Redfield doing there? Most of all, when did he start working for Umbrella? Did Umbrella send him knowing that Eveline went berserk? There are a lot of unsolved mysteries and questions left open in Resident Evil 7. After all, the DLC is still coming somewhere in Spring with no specific date of release. So, we’re really not sure until we truly download the content for that Spring. Only then will we find out not only the true identity of this new protagonist but also find out what happened to Ethan and Mia.

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