Theories of Who Really Mia Is [Resident Evil 7/ RE7]

Mia Winters has clearly been a topic for debate. If she were dead, why would she lead her husband to a haunted house? Most of all, why contact him after so long?

Who is Mia?

When tackling Mia, the first thing that’s been assumed is that she’s dead. From what Ethan knows, he hadn’t heard from her for the last two years. At the moment, he’s mourning her death or trying to get a grip on his life. However, that all changes when he receives a call from her. He hears the terrified voice of his late wife. This throws his whole life into a whole turbulent course of events.

But who is Mia really? As far as we know, we only know her as the wife of Ethan who went missing. However, there are many theories that have been cropping up including whether or not she’s dead or alive.


The thing is- Resident Evil 7 is fond of throwing in a few twists and turns in their plot. And this time, it’s not just for our main character. But also for someone increasingly important to him.

Mia Winters

This identity assumes that she is Ethan’s wife. One could assume that she had a normal marriage with him. Their relationship seems to be sound and Ethan shows extreme concern when he suddenly receives a phone call from her. The moment he heard her freaking out on the phone, the husband immediately departs to find out where she is. This marks the beginning of Resident Evil 7.

Mia Baker

This is the one that created such a stir. The theory is that Mia’s one of the daughters of the Bakers. One, because there may possibly be another one: Zoe Baker. There are two forms of evidence that may prove this theory.

Exhibit A: Evidence in Mia’s Voice-Mail

This is seen during the prologue when Ethan listens to the voice-mail of Mia.

“Ethan, I don’t know if you’re getting this. But the matter of the fact is, you were right. Whatever you do, don’t come looking for me.”

Mia leaves a message for Ethan that he knew something. What could be common knowledge between husband and wife? While it can be a lot of menial things such as a grocery list, a broken toilet, where the last roll of toilet paper is, one common knowledge shared by both would be the knowledge of the personalities of her parents. During their marriage, Ethan may have had apprehensions to seeing the Bakers. This would obviously lead to tension between the two. They may have possibly separated and Mia left to go back to the Bakers, not believing that her parents were a couple of sociopathic cannibals. Hence, the dialogue.

Exhibit B: The pictures from the video and the dialogues in the Demo

The second form of evidence would be the images that flash by during the teasers and the demos. One image showed a woman with long black hair trying to shield something or was simply stained with blood. But whatever it  was, one could link the likeness of the woman in the picture and to Mia.

Source: Youtube

Another part during the Lantern Demo is when you’re trying to run from Marguerite. You can hear her wailing a variety of things. While controlling Ethan, Marguerite screams,

“She loves you. She just wants us to be a family, dammit. “

“We love you! Why can not you understand ?! “

Pretty intriguing, who could this ‘she’ be? While some have assumed it to be Camille Baker, there are some elements that don’t fit such as the timeline. In another part where one is playing as Mia, one can hear Marguerite screaming,

“We still love you!”

Despite it being simply caused by hysteria, it’s quite hard to deny since it was a coherent sentence and Marguerite knew who she was looking for.

So, what now?

With that, we’re still left in the dark to who Mia really is. Because at the moment, she seems to be one of the key factors as to why Ethan would go to the Duvley Haunted House. Any sane person would not want to go there especially if they knew some crazy stuff was going down. However, we’ll only know when Resident Evil 7 finally comes out. We’ll finally have answers to the mystery of the Duvley Haunted House.

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