Sonic Frontiers - Beginners Guide

Beginners guide for Sonic Frontiers, including what to do when you cannot progress through the main story, where to get Memory Tokens and Portal Gears, how to avoid getting stuck, and other useful tips.

Sonic Frontiers - Beginner's Guide and Things to Do First

Beginner’s Guide for Sonic Frontiers

This page contains a guide for new players and beginners for Sonic Frontiers, including some useful tips for progressing through the game’s main story and how to avoid getting stuck.

General Flow of Gameplay

To progress through the main story quest, try to understand the general flow of objectives you will constantly be doing throughout the game. These are:

  • Go to the target point.
  • Collect Memory Tokens.
  • Collect Portal Gears.
  • Clear Portals to get Emerald Keys.
  • Get Chaos Emeralds.
  • Clear Gimmicks Puzzles often.

Always head for the target point to begin the next story objectives

Sonic Frontier - Target Point

If a target point appears, go to it first. To advance the main story, you can also try talking to your allies when you find them on each island.

Collect Memory Tokens

Sonic Frontier - Memory Items

Even when you have located any of Sonic’s allies, you may not be able to talk to them unless you have the specified number of Memory Tokens. Explore the map to collect the required number of tokens before talking to them again.

The number of Memory Tokens you have is indicated by the heart symbol at the top left of the screen. If you do not know how many you have collected, just look at the top left of the screen.

Sonic Frontiers Memory Token Guide

Collect Portal Gears

Sonic Frontier - Portal Gear

Portal Gears are items that serve as keys to open Portals. If you do not spend time finding Portal Gears, you will not be able to enter the Portals to progress through the main story quest.

Sonic Frontiers Portal Gear Guide

Clear Portals to get Emerald Keys

Sonic Frontier - Emerald Key

You can get an item called an Emerald Key by clearing a Portal once you gain access to using a Portal Gear. Collecting the Emerald Key will unlock the Emerald Device, allowing you to obtain Chaos Emeralds.

Sonic Frontiers Cyber Portal List and Locations

Get Chaos Emeralds

Sonic Frontier - Chaos Emerald

Once the Emerald Device is unlocked, get the Chaos Emerald. Chaos Emeralds are marked with diamonds on the map.

Clear Island Challenges whenever you can.

Sonic Frontier - Gimmicks

Try to clear the Island Challenges found all throughout each island while progressing through the main story. While solving these map puzzles is not essential for progressing through the story, you will be able to uncover more sections of the map to fast travel which makes it easier to move around.

Sonic Frontiers Island Challenge List and Locations

Things to Do If You Do Not Have Enough Memory Tokens

Sonic Frontier - Treasure Mark

If you do not have enough Memory Tokens, look for treasure marks and enclose them with light using Cyloop. You may be able to obtain a bunch of Memory Tokens from these spots, allowing you to accumulate a good number of the collectible more efficiently than searching for them on the map.

Sonic Frontiers Memory Token Guide

Things to Do If You Do Not Have Portal Gears

Sonic Frontiers Enemy List and Locations

Defeat the Guardian of the island

Sonic Frontier - Guardian Deity

If you defeat the island’s Guardian, you may get a Portal Gear. Try to look for Guardians you have not defeated yet if you need Portal Gears. The location of the Guardian is also displayed on the map so refer to it if you do not know where to find them.

Defeat regular enemies

Sonic Frontier - Small Enemies

You can sometimes obtain Portal Gears by defeating regular enemies and even mini-bosses. Note that the chance of non-Guardian enemies dropping Portal Gears is low but try to defeat them as another source of the collective.

Cyber Space Portal Missions

Sonic Frontiers Cyber Portal List and Locations

Try to clear all Cyber Space Portal missions in the game

Sonic Frontier - Portal Mission Clear

It is generally better to clear all the missions of each portal to obtain Emerald Keys as bonuses. Doing as many Portal missions may also save you the trouble of having to do other missions later so try to clear as many of them when you get the chance.

Try doing Cyber Space Portal missions later if they are too difficult

Sonic Frontier - Portal Difficult Mission

Some missions are extremely difficult to clear with S ranks so feel free to do them later. Be careful, however, as you may need to clear more Portals later since you will not have the required Emerald Keys if you skip missions too often.

Enables fast travel between Portals

Sonic Frontier - Gimmick Benefit

If you clear all Island Challenges on each island, you will be able to fast travel. Because of this, try to solve Island Challenges as much as possible because it can greatly reduce the travel time around the map.

Island Challenges

Sonic Frontiers Island Challenge List and Locations

Cyloop nearby objects

Sonic Frontier - Gimmicks Cyloop

If you cannot solve a specific Island Challenge, try performing Cyloop around nearby objects and see if anything happens. There are many Island Challenges that require the use of Cyloop so try solving them using this method.

Night-only Island Challenges

Sonic Frontier - Night Gimmicks

Some Island Challenges are only available at night, making it important to explore the map after the daytime ends. Note that the time in the game does not progress if you do not move around so avoid waiting for nighttime by standing still.

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