Sonic Frontiers - How to Get Purple Coins

A guide on how to get Purple Coins in Sonic Frontiers, including the best ways to obtain the collectible, how to use them, and other useful tips.

Sonic Frontiers - How to Get Purple Coins

How to Get Purple Coins in Sonic Frontiers

What are Purple Coins?

Purple Coins are a type of collectible item in Sonic Frontiers which are used and obtained to activate Purple Portals. The color of this coin is a bright purple with a Fishing Hook design on the center.

This collectible is used to be able to play the fishing mini-game with Big the Cat after reaching a Fishing Spot, and the purple coin is the required currency to be able to fish on a fishing spot.

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Trophies and Achievements

Trophy How to Unlock
PlayStation 4 - Bronze TrophyTicket to Tranquility Earned 100 Purple Coins.
PlayStation 4 - Bronze TrophyCelestial Rain Encountered a starfall for the first time.

Sonic Frontiers Trophy and Achievement List

Ways to Get How to Get Purple Coins

Obtained from exploring the Open Zone areas.

These Purple Coins are also scattered around Starfall Island, you can collect them at the open zone areas while exploring and progressing in the story. You can also use Sonic’s ability that is new to Sonic Frontiers, it is the Cyloop where you get to run in circles while exploring to get some collectible items while you’re on your journey.

It is also known that Purple Coins tend to be on a higher places or be on hidden places, meaning you need to really climb up and make other possible ways to reach areas that may have the Purple Coin or another collectible.

During a Starfall event.

Sonic Frontiers - Starfall Event

It is a rare event that Sonic Frontiers has, players get to experience a fall of meteors and then you can check on the falling stars to get a chance of obtaining a generous amount of Purple Coins.

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