Sonic Frontiers - How to Get Treasure Tokens

A guide on how to get Treasure Tokens in Sonic Frontiers, including the best ways to obtain the collectible, how to use them, and other useful tips.

Sonic Frontiers - How to Get Treasure Tokens

How to Get Treasure Tokens in Sonic Frontiers

What are Treasure Tokens?

Treasure Tokens are a type of collectible item in Sonic Frontiers which are used to trade for various useful items such as Skill Pieces, Seeds, Memory Tokens, and even rare items from the Token store.

Ways to Get Treasure Tokens

Obtained as rewards for catching different types of fish in the Fishing minigame.

Treasure Tokens are rewarded by Big the Cat when you catch different species of fish or objects during the Fishing minigame at Fishing Spots. Below is a list of all fish and objects that can be caught and rewards for each one turned over to Big.

Fishing Mini-Game Guide

List of Fishing Minigame Catches

Catch Description Rewards
Crayfish A creature with powerful claws found in slow-moving freshwater environments. Being omnivorous, it can be caught with any food you happen to have on hand. 1 Treasure Token
Flying Fish A fish with large fins. While aboard sea vessels, you’ll sometimes see them leaping from the water as they flee from predators. 1 Treasure Token
Goldfish A fish that is gold in name, but red in color. They are bred for their ornamental value, and aren’t found in nature. 1 Treasure Token
Medaka A small, slender fish often found in home aquariums. A diverse range of variants exist, including those with translucent, skeletal bodies or multi-hued skin. 1 Treasure Token
Tadpole The aquatic larva of frogs. As tadpoles grow, they first sprout legs with arms. Some species have a spiral pattern on their belly. 1 Treasure Token
Black Bass A very common fish found in temperate climates. Fishing for bass is a popular pastime, and it is often featured in competitive angling. 3 Treasure Tokens
Carp A fish found in rivers and ponds. It will eat almost anything, and is often used to cleanse waterways. 3 Treasure Tokens
Poison Dart Frog A brightly colored but highly poisonous frog. Use caution when you come across these dangerous creatures. 3 Treasure Tokens
Red Can An empty red can. Perhaps it contained some chili con carne for chili dogs. 3 Treasure Tokens
Ring One of the gold rings that have aided Sonic in the past. This one seems to be a work of art that doesn’t have any particular effects. 3 Treasure Tokens
Chopper A mechanical creature that looks like a fish. It can’t be eaten, so don’t even try. 6 Treasure Tokens
Marlin A fish with a spear-like snout. It is said to be the fastest swimmer of all fish You might even call it the Sonic of the sea! 6 Treasure Tokens
Red Stingray A ray with venomous spines on its tail. The venom remains deadly even after it dies. 6 Treasure Tokens
Elder Koco’s Scroll A scroll written by Elder Koco. If you bring back this scroll to the island, fast travel to Elder Koco will be unlocked. 8 Treasure Tokens
Hermit Koco’s Scroll A scroll written by Hermit Koco. If you bring back this scroll to the island, fast travel to Hermit Koco will be unlocked. 8 Treasure Tokens

Gold Cards

A rare type of token called a Gold Card is rewarded by Big the Cat if you manage to reel in a Treasure Box from fishing. Gold Cards are the most valuable type of tradable currency you can use at the Token store to purchase the rarest items on sale.

How to Get Gold Cards

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