Sonic Frontiers - How to Get Portal Gears

A guide on how to get Portal Gears in Sonic Frontiers, including the best ways to obtain the collectible, how to use them, and other useful tips.

Sonic Frontiers - How to Get Portal Gears

How to Get Portal Gears in Sonic Frontiers

Sonic Frontiers - Portal Gear

What are Portal Gears?

Portal Gears are a type of collectible item in Sonic Frontiers which are used and obtained to activate a Cyber Space Portal. The gears have different colors and it represent the different islands. Portal Gear is a consumable collectible and a certain amount of Portal Gears are required to unlock a Cyber Space varies depending on each Portal you need to go through.

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Ways to Get Portal Gears

Obtained from exploring the Open Zone areas.

It can be obtained from guardians, which are very powerful robot and bigger than any normal enemies, they are located in the Open Zone roaming around the Starfall Islands and defeating a guardian has a guaranteed portal gear drop.

Tradable for 15 Treasure Token

The Portal Gears are available for trade at the Fishing Spot where Big the Cat is located, you can exchange your 15 Treasure Tokens that is rewarded for playing the fishing mini-game.

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