Sonic Frontiers - Elder Koco Location and Guide

Overview and guide about the Elder Koco and its location in Sonic Frontiers. Included also is information on how to increase attack power and defense using Red and Blue Seeds, and how to find the Elder Koco.

Sonic Frontiers - Elder Koco Location and Guide

How to Find the Elder Koco for Sonic Frontiers

Sonic Frontiers - Elder Koco Location and Guide

The Elder Koco is one of the two unique Koco creatures in Sonic Frontiers that can improve Sonic’s speed, offense, and defense in the game. The Elder Koco is an NPC who knows a lot about speed and can help Sonic to improve his.

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Trophies and Achievements

Trophy How to Unlock
PlayStation 4 - Bronze TrophyKoco Leader Gathered 200 Koco.
PlayStation 4 - Bronze TrophyElder Koco Encounter Spoke with Elder Koco for the first time.

Sonic Frontiers Trophy and Achievement List

What are Kocos?

Sonic Frontiers - Koco Overview and Guide

Kocos serve as friendly non-player characters (NPCs) during the game’s main story by providing useful services to Sonic. Upon locating a Koco, talk to them to increase permanently increase your attack power or defense by trading in Red Seeds of Power or Blue Seeds of Defense.

Kocos can also redistribute any upgrades to Sonic’s maximum speed and ring count gained from delivering lost Kocos to Elder Koco.

Koco Services

Increasing Attack Power and Defense

You can give Kocos Red Seeds of Power to raise Sonic’s attack power, allowing him to deal more damage using various offensive moves, skills, and abilities. Handing over Blue Seeds of Defense, meanwhile, will boost Sonic’s defense power which grants him better survivability by being able to take more hits in battle.

Redistributing Maximum Speed and Ring Count

Koco will also offer to redistribute the boosts to the maximum speed and ring count you have gained for finding lost Koco.

Elder Koco Map Location

You must first visit Kronos Island in order to find Elder Koco. Once there, proceed to the location marked in the image below, where you will be able to meet Elder Koco.

Elder Koco Icon Elder Koco Map Location
Sonic Frontiers - Elder Koco Map Icon Sonic Frontiers - Elder Koco Map Location

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