Sonic Frontiers - How to Fast Travel

A guide on how to fast travel in Sonic Frontiers, including steps to warp to various locations using Elder Koco Scrolls and Hermit Koco Scrolls, fast travel after clearing all island gimmick challenges, and other useful tips.

Sonic Frontiers - How to Fast Travel

How to Fast Travel in Sonic Frontiers

In Sonic Frontiers, fast travel is not immediately available at the start of the game. You will need to obtain the required item or meet the conditions to freely move around the various locations of each island you visit during the game’s main story.

Ways to Fast Travel

Fast Travel via Elder Koco Scrolls or Hermit Koco Scrolls

Sonic Frontiers - How to Fast Travel Using Scrolls

You can fast travel using Elder Koco Scrolls or Hermit Koco Scrolls you obtain during the Fishing mini-game. Once you have a scroll, you can quickly teleport to the location of an Elder Koco or Hermit Koco depending on the type of item you have.

Fishing Mini-Game Guide
This method of fast traveling is unlocked for each island where you obtained the scroll so try to take spend time on the Fishing mini-game while going through the main story quest.

Fast Travel after clearing an island’s gimmick challenges.

Sonic Frontiers - How to Fast Travel after Clearing All Gimmicks

The best way to fast travel, however, requires you to clear an island’s gimmick challenges and completely fill out the island’s map. Doing so lets you teleport between portals to make it easier to get around.

All Gimmick Puzzle Locations

Steps to Fast Travel

1) Open the map and toggle the selector on the upper right corner of the screen. Set it to Fast Travel.

2) Select a portal to fast travel to from the map. Then, confirm your destination to teleport to the location.

Fast Traveling Between Islands is Available at the Start

Sonic Frontiers - How to Fast Travel Between Islands

You can freely travel between islands (worlds) without having to obtain any specific item or fulfill any requirement.

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