Sonic Frontiers - Collectibles List

Guide on all Collectibles in Sonic Frontiers. Included are the type of collectible, details, information, and how to get guides.

Sonic Frontiers - Collectibles List and Information

All Collectibles List in Sonic Frontiers

Sonic Frontiers - How to Get Memory Tokens

There are multiple collectibles that was scattered all over the Starfall Islands, which Sonic needs to collect and obtain to progress throughout the story. Below is the list of all collectibles available in Sonic Frontiers:

Skill Piece

Skill Pieces are a common drop from different enemies in the game, and acquiring Skill Pieces allows Sonic to level up and obtain Skill Points which can be used to unlock various Skills.

Skill Piece Farming Guide

Memory Tokens

Item Information
Amy’s Memory Tokens Bright-pink Heart Tokens, used to rescue Amy.
Knuckles’ Memory Tokens Orange Medal Tokens, used to rescue Knuckles.
Tails’ Memory Tokens Yellow-Gold Wrench Tokens, used to rescue Tails.
Sage’s Memory Tokens Bright-pink Heart Tokens, used to rescue Sage.

How to Get Memory Tokens

Vault Keys

“A silver key with a hollowed out head shaped like the outline of a Chaos Emerald”. -In-game description.

Chaos Emerald Vault Key are needed in unlocking vaults that contains Chaos Emeralds. The keys will be available after completing a Cyber Space stage and once Sonic goes outside of it and returns to the Open Zone area.

How to Get Vault Keys

Portal Gears

Portal Gears are used and obtained to activate a Cyber Space Portal. The gears have different colors and it represent the different islands. Portal Gear is a consumable collectible and a certain amount of Portal Gears are required to unlock a Cyber Space varies depending on each Portal.

All Cyber Space Portal Locations and Time Records

Purple Coins

Purple Coins are used and obtained to activate a Purple Portals. The color of this coin is a bright purple with a Fishing Hook design on the center. This collectible is used to be able to play the fishing mini-game with Big the Cat, the purple coin is like the required currency to be able to fish on a fishing spot.

Fishing Mini Game Guide

Gold Cards

Gold Cards are a type of rare collectible which are used to purchase valuable items at the Token store. While not confirmed from official sources, it is likely that Gold Cards can be traded in to obtain Portal Gears (among other rare stock) from the shop.

How to Get Gold Cards

Treasure Tokens

Treasure Tokens are used to trade for various useful items such as Skill Pieces, Seeds, Memory Tokens, and even rare items from the Token store. Treasure Tokens are rewarded by Big the Cat when you catch different species of fish or objects during the Fishing minigame at Fishing Spots.

How to Get Treasure Tokens

Egg Memo

Egg Memos are a type of collectible that are used to listen on Dr. Eggman’s audio recordings regarding his situation in Cyber Space. This collectible can be obtained through the Trade Token shop in the fishing mini-game with Big the Cat while you are on the Fishing Spot. You can also view and listen to the recordings on the “View Fish-o-pedia” menu and then select on Voice Log.

Egg Memo List and Information

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