Sonic Frontiers - How to Get Memory Tokens

A guide on how to get Memory Tokens in Sonic Frontiers, including the best ways to obtain the collectible, how to use them, and other useful tips.

Sonic Frontiers - How to Get Memory Tokens

How to Get Memory Tokens in Sonic Frontiers

Sonic Frontiers - How to Get Memory Tokens

What are Memory Tokens?

Memory Tokens are a type of collectible item in Sonic Frontiers which are used and obtained to rescue Sonic’s friends and these memory tokens are scattered all over the Starfall Island. There are different types of memory tokens and below is the list of the tokens per character:

  • Amy’s Memory Tokens (Bright-pink Heart Tokens)
  • Knuckles’ Memory Tokens (Orange Medal Tokens)
  • Tails’ Memory Tokens (Yellow-Gold Wrench Tokens)
  • Sage’s Memory Tokens (Bright-pink Heart Tokens)

Ways to Get Memory Tokens

Obtained from exploring the Open Zone areas.

As it was mentioned that these Memory Tokens were scattered around per Island, you can collect them at the open zone areas while exploring and progressing in the story. You can use Sonic’s ability that is new to Sonic Frontiers, it its the Cyloop where you get to run in circles while exploring to get some collectible items while you’re on your journey. Most of the Memory Tokens are floating in the air and you may need to use dash rings or rainbow rings to reach certain areas.

You can also get them as rewards from clearing challenges by spotting a mysterious signages that is hinting for a mission with a reward at the open zone or they can also be randomly be an enemy drop once you defeated them.

Obtained from the fishing mini-game.

Memory Tokens are also an exchangeable rewards from Big the Cat when you have enough amount of Treasure Tokens and Gold Cards, you can trade some for this collectible. There’s always a Memory Token that is tradable for 5 Treasure Tokens.

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