Sonic Frontiers - Fishing Mini Game Guide

Fishing mini game guide for Sonic Frontiers, including how to unlock the fishing mini game, controls, mechanics, list of rewards, and other useful tips.

Sonic Frontiers - Fishing Mini Game Guide

Fishing Mini Game Guide for Sonic Frontiers

Sonic Frontier - Fishing Mini-Game Guide

Sonic Frontiers features a fishing mini-game that allows you to take a break or add up a new game aside from clearing the main story levels.

Trophies and Achievements

Trophy How to Unlock
PlayStation 4 - Bronze TrophyBig Encounter Completed the fishing tutorial.
PlayStation 4 - Silver TrophyAngler’s Club Landed all catches at one fishing spot.

Sonic Frontiers Trophy and Achievement List

Requires Purple Coins

Purple Coins are used and obtained to activate Purple Portals. The color of this coin is a bright purple with a Fishing Hook design on the center. This collectible is used to be able to play the fishing mini-game with Big the Cat after reaching a Fishing Spot, and the purple coin is the required currency to be able to fish on a fishing spot.

How to Get Purple Coins

How to Fish for Items and Scrolls

Mini Game Controls

Action Input
Move the target DPad 
Cast the line / Reel A button
Quit / Pull back rod B button
Hook the fish (Match the red ripple) A button

Fishing Spots and Locations

Kronos Island Ares Island
Sonic Frontiers - Kronos Island Fishing Spot Location Sonic Frontiers - Ares Island Fishing Spot Location
Chaos Island Ouranos Island
Sonic Frontiers - Chaos Island Fishing Spot Location Sonic Frontiers - Ouranos Island Fishing Spot Location

Mini-Game Instructions

1 Sonic Frontiers - How to Fish by throwing your baitAfter finding a fishing spot, decide where to throw the bait.
2 Sonic Frontiers - How to Fish by pulling back the rodOnce the bait sinks pull back the rod.
3 Sonic Frontiers - How to Fish by matching the rippleHook the fish while matching the circle to the ripple in the water.
4 Sonic Frontiers - How to Fish by spotting a bait shineWhen you catch rare items or scrolls, the bait will shine.

Fishing Rewards

Scroll Reward Treasure Chest Reward
Sonic Frontiers - Fishing Mini Game Scroll Rewards Sonic Frontiers - Fishing Mini Game Treasure Rewards

As Big the Cat offered, any fish that you will catch will be Treasure Tokens and the amount of token you’ll get depends on the fish that you’ll catch. You may also get a Gold Card, and some treasure items!


Item Reward Description
Medaka 1 Treasure Token A small, slender fish often found in home aquariums. A diverse range of variants exist, including those with translucent, skeletal bodies or multi-hued skin.
Crayfish 1 Treasure Token A creature with powerful claws found in slow-moving freshwater environments. Being omnivorous, it can be caught with any food you happen to have on hand.
Goldfish 1 Treasure Token A fish that is gold in name, but red in color. They are bred for their ornamental value, and aren’t found in nature.
Flying fish 1 Treasure Token A fish with large fins. While aboard sea vessels, you’ll sometimes see them leaping from the water as they flee from predators.
Tadpole 1 Treasure Token The aquatic larva of frogs. As tadpoles grow, they first sprout legs with arms. Some species have a spiral pattern on their belly.
Squid 1 Treasure Token A slick-skinned creature with eight arms and two tentacles. The squid can make subtle changes to its appearance to hide from predators.
Seahorse 1 Treasure Token A salt water creature named for its horse-like appearance.
Anglerfish 3 Treasure Tokens A deep-sea fish with a rounded body. Its name refers to its use of luminescent lure on its head to attract prey.
Nishiki koi 3 Treasure Tokens A type of carp with a red, white, and black body. It was bred for its ornamental appeal, and its skin resembles brocade fabric.
Black bass 3 Treasure Tokens A very common fish found in temperate climates. Fishing for bass is a popular pastime, and it is often featured in competitive angling.
Carp 3 Treasure Tokens A fish found in rivers and ponds. It will eat almost anything, and is often used to cleanse waterways.
Poison dart frog 3 Treasure Tokens A brightly colored but highly poisonous frog. Use caution when you come across these dangerous creatures.
Red can 3 Treasure Tokens An empty red can. Perhaps it contained some chili con carne for chili dogs.
Ring 3 Treasure Tokens One of the gold rings that have aided Sonic in the past. This one seems to be a work of art that doesn’t have any particular effects.
Chopper 6 Treasure Tokens A mechanical creature that looks like a fish. It can’t be eaten, so don’t even try.
Marlin 6 Treasure Tokens A fish with a spear-like snout. It is said to be the fastest swimmer of all fish You might even call it the Sonic of the sea!
Red stingray 6 Treasure Tokens A ray with venomous spines on its tail. The venom remains deadly even after it dies.
Elder Koco’s scroll 8 Treasure Tokens A scroll written by Elder Koco. If you bring back this scroll to the island, fast travel to Elder Koco will be unlocked.
Hermit Koco’s scroll 8 Treasure Tokens A scroll written by Hermit Koco. If you bring back this scroll to the island, fast travel to Hermit Koco will be unlocked.
Wooden Treasure box 1 Gold Card A treasure box that was dumped into the pond. A Gold Card, which Big was searching for, must be in it.
Golden Treasure box 3 Gold Card ?
Red spring ? An ordinary red srping. Stepping on one will propel you even higher than a yellow spring.
Yellow spring ? ?
Tin can ? An empty tin can. Someone must have consumed the contents. I wonder what was in it…
Star Post ? A marker that tracks passers-by. If you fall after touching one, you can return to its location.
Goal Plate ? A plate that lets you know you’ve reached the goal. Running past one fills you with a sense of accomplishment.

Shop – Trade Tokens

Item Price
+50 Skill Pieces 1 Treasure Tokens
+100 Rings 1 Treasure Tokens
Blue Seed of Defense 2 Treasure Tokens
Red Seed of Power 2 Treasure Tokens
+20 Lost Kocos 3 Treasure Tokens
Memory Token 5 Treasure Tokens
Egg Memo 15 Treasure Tokens
Portal Gear 15 Treasure Tokens

How to Get Treasure Tokens

Shop – Trade Gold Cards

Item Price
+50 Skill Pieces 1 Gold Card
+100 Rings ?
Blue Seed of Defense 1 Gold Card
Red Seed of Power 1 Gold Card
+20 Lost Kocos 1 Gold Card
Memory Token 1 Gold Card
Egg Memo ?
Portal Gear 1 Gold Card

Voice Log

On this part of the Fishing Spot menu, the Voice Log contains Egg Memo that belonged to Dr. Eggman. It has audio recording of his experience in the Cyber Space.

Egg Memo List and Information

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