[Uncharted: The Lost Legacy] Uncharted: The Legacy focuses on Narrative Gameplay

Narrative Gameplay Focus

While multiple developers focus more on developing the graphics, Naughty Dog decides to bring something new to the table. Instead of focusing on cut-scenes, Naughty Dog intends to have Uncharted: The Lost Legacy to focus more on Narrative Gameplay. Meaning, the developers intend to have the players actually “play” through the story rather than just watch it. After the release of The Last of Us: Left Behind, Naughty Dog intends to push past their limit with new additions. Some of these additions include the focus of Chloe Frazer and her new partner – Nadine Ross.

But players are probably wondering, why not Sam and Sully? Many of the players thought that Nathan Drake’s backing out in Uncharted 4 must have ended things. But in reality, this gave more room for Chloe. According to Uncharted’s Creative Directory – Shaun Escayg, the team wanted players to focus and learn more on Chloe. They wanted to bring out the reason for her constantly bailing or being the first one to flee.

“Well, it’s the sum in as far as taking the best elements from gameplay experiences, but what we’ve done I think specifically in this one is to build on and improve on the narrative within the gameplay, which was key for us. We want the player to never come out of that world, which is one of the reasons why our new open-world setting is so important,” said Escayg in an interview.

But what happens now?

He also mentions that unlike before, the player will have to figure things out for themselves. In the old games, players would remember having Nathan Drake as their bible of information. This appeared more as a form of spoon-feeding the players, rather than having them enjoy the game. Because of this, the developers focused on giving the players a more interactive game. Players would solve the puzzles themselves rather than gaining clues from the AI.

While finding secrets and hidden items is no different than the old Uncharted games, players can immediately pass through that. Although, doing so will cause the player to miss a whole lot of narrative which may endanger the quality of the narrative gameplay.

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