Diablo Immortal - Additional Attributes Guide

A guide on character additional attributes or stats in Diablo Immortal. Included are basic information on each attribute (Accuracy Rating, Evasion Rating, Critical Hit Chance, Critical Hit Damage, Critical Hit Resistance, Attack Speed, Cooldown Reduction, Movement Speed, Block Chance, Armor Piercing, Life Drain, Cheat Death, Life Regeneration, and Magic Find), and their mechanics in the game.

Diablo Immortal - Additional Attributes and Stats Guide

Additional Attributes Guide in Diablo Immortal

Below is a list of character additional attributes or stats in Diablo Immortal, including an overview of each character attribute.

All Attributes Guide

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Additional Attributes Guide

Additional Attribute List

Attribute Attribute Description
Accuracy Rating
  • Boosts chance to hit enemies.
  • Your enemy’s Evasion Rating is compared to your Accuracy Rating. The higher the Accuracy Rating, the character can hit the enemy.
Evasion Rating
  • Reduces the chance of taking hits from enemies.
  • Your enemy’s Accuracy Rating is compared to your Evasion Rating. The higher the Evasion Rating, the character cannot get hit by the enemy.
Critical Hit Chance
  • Increases the chance to deal damage in critical hits.
  • Critical Hits are considered “Double Damage”.
Critical Hit Damage
  • Indicates the damage of your critical strikes by a flat rate (1% critical hit damage increases your critical hit from 200% to 201%).
Critical Hit Resistance
  • Reduces the chance of taking critical strikes from enemies.
Attack Speed
  • Enhances the speed of your skills and primary attacks.
Cooldown Reduction
  • Reduces the cooldown of your skills. Also, it improves the recovery of skills with charges.
Movement Speed
  • Enhances your character’s movement speed.
Block Chance
  • Boosts the chance to block attacks, reducing the damage dealt by half.
  • Critical Strikes are not blockable.
Armor Piercing
  • Boosts the chance to hit enemies and ignore their Armor.
Life Drain
  • Helps regain life when attacking enemies.
  • HP recovered is equal to the percentage of the damage your dealt.
Cheat Death
  • Boosts the chance to avoid death with 1 HP left.
Life Regeneration
  • Details HP regeneration rate per five seconds while out of combat.
Magic Find
  • Boosts the chance of enemies to drop high-quality items.

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