Diablo Immortal - Game Controls (PC)

Game controls (PC) for Diablo Immortal, including control layouts for keyboard-mouse and controller.

Diablo Immortal - Game Controls

Game Controls (PC) for Diablo Immortal

Below is a list of default game controls for Diablo Immortal on PC, including actions and corresponding inputs for playing the game with a keyboard-mouse setup and a controller or gamepad. Note that controls can be custom mapped based on your preferences from Settings which can be accessed from the game’s main menu.

PC (Windows) – Keyboard and Mouse

Action Input
Move W, S, A, D
Skill Aim Mouse
Primary Attack Left Click/Space
Ultimate R
Potion Q
Chat Reply
Skill 1 1
Skill 2 2
Skill 3 3
Skill 4 4
Open Chat
Toggle Free Cursor
Open Backpack
Open Menu ESC
Open Warband Menu B
Open Clan Menu Z
Force Move F

PC (Windows) – Controller or Gamepad

Diablo Immortal - PC Game Controls (Controller)

Action Input
Move Left Stick
Skill Aim Right Stick
Primary Attack B
Ultimate X
Potion Y
Chat Reply A
Skill 1 LT
Skill 2 LB
Skill 3 RB
Skill 4 RT
Auto-Nav D-Pad ↑
Open Chat D-Pad ↓
Toggle Free Cursor D-Pad ←/→
Open Backpack Back
Open Menu Start

You can view a list of all compatible controllers and gamepads for playing Diablo Immortal on PC and mobile using the link below.

List of Supported Controllers (PC and Mobile)

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