Diablo Immortal - Marketplace Guide

A guide about the Marketplace in Diablo Immortal, including information on how to unlock the market, services, and many more.

Diablo Immortal - Marketplace Guide

Marketplace Guide for Diablo Immortal

Below is the guide about the Marketplace in Diablo Immortal, including are the how to unlock the market, buy and sell, trading, and many more.

Please note that this page is currently being updated and more information will be added soon.

How to Unlock The Market

Diablo Immortal Marketplace

In Diablo Immortal, there is a Market located at the City of Westmarch in Rakkis Plaza, Wynton’s Grand Market. This is the only place where players can buy, sell, and trade their items.

You need to unlock this area upon reaching Level 25 and by speaking with a lady named, Dya in Rakkis Plaza. You also need to have Platinum, which you can get through the cash shop (in-game purchase) or you can also earn by claiming daily gameplay awards and the exchange of Eternal Orbs.

Cash Shop (In-Game Purchases) Guide

How to Buy

Buying items in Diablo Immortal requires player to be extra cautious of doing transactions as the Gems and Runes can be interchangeable while the Legendary Gems and Skills stones have different quality, utility, ranking, and function per character.

There is a Watchlist feature, that requires you to tap on the heart icon so that players can track the items they have been eyeing or if they want to get notified before the items expires.

How to Sell

Selling items in Diablo Immortal is fairly easy to do, players just need to make their own listing of the items they wanna sell and they can also set the preferred selling amount in Platinum. At first, you can list up to four (4) products for sale but more slots can be unlocked and players can also list stackable items such as bulk selling, items like Gems and Runes.

How to Trade

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