Diablo Immortal - Helliquary Guide

Helliquary guide for Diablo Immortal, including how to unlock the Helliquary during the main story quests, how to use it, how to upgrade using the required materials, list of Helliquary bosses, rewards, and other useful tips.

Diablo Immortal - Helliquary Guide

Helliquary Guide for Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal - Helliquary Guide

What is the Helliquary?

The Helliquary is a special device in Diablo Immortal that allow you to challenge unique bosses with an 8-person party. Upon defeating Helliquary bosses, you can use the Helliquary to seal their remains, granting your character useful combat rating bonuses. Spending time locating and vanquishing Helliquary bosses allows your character to become stronger to take on tougher enemies later in the game.

How to Raise Combat Rating

How to Unlock the Helliquary

Complete Bilefen Main Story Questline

The Helliquary is unlocked after completing the main story quest in Bilefen. Upon clearing the questline, you will be asked to travel to Westmarch and meet with Deckard Cain at his workshop. Simply follow the story scenario and you will eventually be given a tutorial on how to use the Helliquary. From there, you will be able to begin hunting your first Helliquary target who will appear in Challenge Rift 6.

Helliquary Basic Mechanics

Requires Hellfire Scoria to Upgrade

Upon defeating a Helliquary boss, you will be able to seal its remains in the Helliquary. The Bounty Quartermaster will then reward you with the rare material Scoria. This can be taken to Charsi or any Blacksmith to be refined into Hellfire Scoria for 100 gold. This processed material can then be used to upgrade your Helliquary’s level, enhancing the passive buffs it grants your character.

The amount of Hellfire Scoria required to upgrade the Helliquary increases as it reaches higher levels. Because of this, try to look for other sources of Scoria, particularly from Battle Pass Daily and Raid objective rewards.

Battle Pass Guide and Rewards List

You will also unlock new and more powerful demonic targets to hunt down as you continue to upgrade your Helliquary. More challenging foes will yield items that bestow better combat rating bonuses when you seal them in the Helliquary, making it incredibly rewarding to locate and vanquish them throughout the game.

Helliquary Bosses

Helliquary Bosses are powerful demons that require a party of 8 players to defeat. Good teamwork, coordination, and knowledge of their attack patterns are required to defeat them so try to assemble a capable team of characters with adequate gear before taking them on.

Helliquary Boss How to Unlock Recommended Combat Rating
Chaos Herald Pyl Unlocked after gaining access to the Helliquary.
Lassal, the Flame Spun Upgrade the Helliquary to level 2 420
Vitaath, the Shivering Death Upgrade the Helloquary to level 20
Gorgothra the Claimer
Beledwe and Gishtur
Izilech the Misshapen

Other Rewards

Aside from Helliquary boss remains and Scoria, you will also receive various useful rewards for defeating Helliquary bosses which include gold, item chests, and random equipment. Note that more rewards can be obtained by running the Helliquary boss raid with a Warband.

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