Diablo Immortal - Gamble Equipment Guide

Gambling equipment guide for Diablo Immortal, including how to unlock the gambling service at the Rarities & Antiquities shop in Westmarch, mechanics of gambling, and other useful tips.

Diablo Immortal - Gambling Equipment Guide

Gambling Equipment Guide for Diablo Immortal

You can obtain a random piece of equipment through the gambling feature upon reaching Westmarch in Diablo Immortal. This allows you to obtain better gear faster to improve your character’s stats and parameters in battle.

How to Unlock Gambling Equipment

Talk to Yakin in Rakki Plaza (Westmarch)

The gamble equipment service is unlocked once you finish the Library of Zoltun Kulle main story quest and reaching level 35. Afterwards, head to Rakki Plaza and talk to Yakin at the Rarities & Antiquities shop on the southeastern corner of the area (indicated by the building with the large “?” on it on the map).

Equipment You Can Gamble For

The gamble equipment feature allows you to obtain four types of random gear which are weapons, primary armor, secondary armor, and jewelry. Each gamble attempt costs a hefty sum of gold so try to use the service sensibly whenever you visit the shop.

Service Details
Mystery Weapon Contains a random weapon (Main Hand or Off-hand).
Mystery Primary Armor Contains a random piece of primary armor.
Mystery Secondary Armor Contains a random piece of secondary armor.
Mystery Jewelry Contains a random piece of jewelry.

Gambling Equipment Daily Purchase Limit

Each gamble attempt from any of the four mystery equipment pools is limited to 25 purchases a day. After reaching the cap, you must wait for the pool to replenish on the next day to gamble again.

Gambling Equipment Level Scaling

The equipment you receive from the gambling service scales with your character’s level so you will always get gear that is appropriate to your character’s current strength. This means that you will get equipment with better stats at higher levels which is extremely useful during the late stages of the main quest.

Tips for Gambling Equipment

Fill up your empty jewelry slots through gambling during the early game.

Try to pull for random pieces of jewelry as soon as you unlock the gambling feature as these items vastly improve your character’s performance in battle. It is generally recommended to fill up your empty jewelry slots near the start of the game to add every bit of extra damage, utility, or survivability as you take on succeeding quests in the game.

Save some gold for other services.

You do not want to go overboard with gambling as you will also need gold for various other services like upgrading equipment at the blacksmith or creating a clan.

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