Diablo Immortal - Essence Transfer Guide

Essence Transfer guide for Diablo Immortal, including how to unlock the feature in Westmarch, steps to extract and inherity Legendary Powers from Legendary Items, mechanics, and other useful information.

Diablo Immortal - Essence Transfer Guide

Essence Transfer Guide for Diablo Immortal

What is Essence Transfer?

Essence Transfer is an unlockable feature in Diablo Immortal that lets you apply Legendary Powers from a Legendary Item in your inventory to another piece of Legendary equipment. This allows you to customize gear that best suits your character class’ build by granting them Powers that strengthen their unique skills and abilities.

How to Unlock Essence Transfer

The Essence Transfer service is unlocked after you have obtained at least two kinds of Legendary Items. Afterwards, talk to Zamina in Rakkis Plaza (Westmarch) in the western section of the area.

How to Transfer Essences of Legendary Items

Below are the steps on how to extract and inherit essences from Legendary Items in your inventory.

Extracting Essences

1 After obtaining at least two pieces of Legendary gear, head to Rakkis Plaza in Westmarch.
2 Talk to Zamina and select EXTRACT from the Essence Transfer menu.
3 Select a Legendary Power marked with EXTRACTABLE from the list.
4 Once you have selected a Legendary Power you want to extract, you must then select an item to extract the power from.
5 After selecting the item, click/tap ACCEPT.

Inheriting Essences

1 After successfully extracting an essence, talk to Zamina and select INHERIT from the Essence Transfer menu.
2 Select a Legendary Power you want to transfer to the slot and piece of equipment you want to apply it on.
3 After choosing the Legendary Power you want to apply on an item, click/tap INHERIT.

Important Essence Transfer Mechanics

Extracting a Legendary Power from a Legendary Item will destroy that piece of equipment. Afterwards, the Legendary Power can be applied to any piece of Legendary equipment as many times as you want without any fee.

Legendary Items that inherit new Legendary Powers will retain their current stats, sockets, and upgrade levels. Names and appearances of Legendary gear gain new powers, however, will change.

Note that transferring Legendary Powers to an item will overwrite that piece of equipment’s current Legendary Power. This means that you will not be able to extract its previous power afterwards.

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