Diablo Immortal - How to Level Up Fast

A guide on how to level up fast in Diablo Immortal. This leveling guide includes the best ways to grind XP, recommended activities to focus on at the start of the game, and other useful tips.

Diablo Immortal - How to Level Up Fast

How to Level Up Fast in Diablo Immortal

Below are some useful tips to level up fast in Diablo Immortal, including recommended activities and content to focus on to grind XP quickly in the game.

Go through the Main Campaign Quests

Diablo Immortal - Main Quest

Simply going through the game’s main quest and defeating regular enemies and bosses will net you a decent amount of XP to level up.  After completing the tutorial, spend time clearing some campaign quests to earn a few levels while getting a better feel for the game’s mechanics. In general, you want to at least get to level 10 to unlock the Free Battle Pass track which will give you more ways to level up fast.

Clear Battle Pass Objectives

Diablo Immortal - Free Battle Pass

As mentioned above, unlocking the Free Battle Pass will help you earn XP faster throughout the game. Under the Battle Pass are special Guides, Activities, and Quests objectives that reward you with XP for clearing them. You will also accumulate Battle Pass points which allow you to rank up your Battle Pass to receive other bonuses such as tradeable resources, chests, and even Legendary Gems.

Battle Pass Guide and Rewards List

You can claim Battle Pass XP rewards later when you reach a significantly high level.

It is generally recommended to avoid claiming your Battle Pass XP rewards immediately after completing Battle Pass objectives. Try to save them for when you are at a high level and require massive amounts of XP to level up.

Run Dungeons

Clearing dungeons is also a great way to level up fast in the game. These areas often pit you against challenging waves of enemies and bosses that can be farmed for hefty amounts of XP in addition to yielding useful loot like weapons and armor.

Do Bounty Missions

Upon reaching Westmarch during the main campaign, you will unlock the Bounty Board where you can activate special hunting missions to earn XP and other rewards. Note that you can only undertake a limited number of bounty missions at a time.

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