Diablo Immortal - Elder Rifts Guide

Elder Rifts guide for Diablo Immortal, including how to unlock Elder Rifts, required items, how to get Elder Crests (Rare and Legendary), dungeon mechanics, and other useful tips.

Diablo Immortal - Elder Rifts Guide

Elder Rifts Guide for Diablo Immortal

What are Elder Rifts?

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Elder Rifts are special dungeons in Diablo Immortal that allow you to obtain powerful equipment and is among the best ways to obtain the extremely sought-after Legendary Gems. Because of this, it is highly recommended to farm them to bring out the best performance of your character throughout the game.

How to Unlock Elder Rifts

Elder Rifts are unlocked upon reaching Westmarch which requires you to go through the Mad King’s Breach dungeon and encounter Lethes. Afterwards, clear “The Legends of Eld” and “Braving the Rift” main objectives, the latter of which will serve as a tutorial on the mechanics of Elder Rifts.

Entering an Elder Rift

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As will be explained in the game’s tutorial, you will need to obtain a special consumable item called an Elder Crest to enter an Elder Rift. These can be obtained as loot from regular enemies and as rewards from quests or side content (Battle Pass). You can also simply purchase Elder Crests using the in-game currency that can be bought using real money.

Elder Crests

Diablo Immortal - Elder Crests

Aside from giving you access to Elder Rifts, Elder Crests modify the conditions inside the rift dungeon you decide to open. The number of applied conditions that take effect in Elder Rifts depends on the rarity of the Elder Crest used which can be Rare or Legendary.

In general, Legendary Crests will activate more special conditions within an Elder Rift compared to Rare Crests which may the dungeon easier or harder to clear. Using Legendary Crests on Elder Rifts will also improve your chances of getting certain 5-star Legendary Gems, making it extremely rewarding (and often riskier) to attempt them.

Elder Rift Mechanics

Elder Rifts are akin to time attack-style dungeons where you are greatly rewarded for clearing it as quickly as possible. Upon entering the Elder Rift, you must kill enemies in the area to charge the Rift Meter. Occasionally, rare monsters will spawn in the rift and will drop special Rift Progression Orbs that can be picked up to greatly fill the Rift Meter.

Once the Rift Meter is fully-charged, the Rift Guardian will appear who is essentially the dungeon’s boss. Defeat the Rift Guardian to complete the run. Afterwards, you will be given 5 minutes to do a little more exploring if you want o farm more enemies or collect more loot in the area.

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