Diablo Immortal - Pre-Registration Bonuses

A guide on pre-registration bonuses for Diablo Immortal, including ways to claim the Horadrim Cosmetic set on the game's release and other useful information.

Diablo Immortal - Pre-Registration Bonuses

Pre-Registration Bonuses for Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal - Pre-Registration Bonuses

Horadrim Cosmetic Set (Upon Reaching 30 Million Global Pre-Registrations)

Players who pre-register for Diablo Immortal will receive the Horadrim Cosmetic Set on the game’s launch in the Americas and Europe on June 2nd, 2022. The exclusive in-game bonus is part of developer Blizzard Entertainment’s goal to reach 30 million sign-ups before the title rolls out on PC and mobile devices this month.

Release Dates Per Region

Pre-Registration Requires a Battle.net Account on PC

A Battle.net account is required to pre-register for Diablo Immortal on PC which can be created from the game’s official website or via the Battle.net desktop application.

You can also pre-order Diablo Immortal on mobile via the Google Play Store (Android) and App Store (iOS) which will not require you to create a Battle.net account to claim the bonus.

For a guide on how to pre-register for Diablo Immortal, please click on the link below.

How to Pre-Register (PC and Mobile)

Claiming Pre-Registration Bonuses

Listed below are important reminders announced by Blizzard Entertainment for claiming pre-registration bonuses upon the game’s release.

  • Must log in to Diablo Immortal and complete the game’s tutorial within 30 days after release to the claim the offer.
  • Offer can only be claimed for one character per account.
  • Offer includes pre-orders and pre-registration on all storefronts where Diablo Immortal is available.

What are Cosmetic Sets?

Cosmetic Sets are special items that can be equipped to drastically change the appearance of your character in the game. As their name suggests, Cosmetic Sets simply alter the look of your character’s model and do not grant any special bonuses or effects in battle.

Horadrim Cosmetic Set (Design for Each Class)

Barbarian Crusader Demon Hunter
Diablo Immortal - Barbarian Horadrim Cosmetic Set Diablo Immortal - Crusader Horadrim Cosmetic Set Diablo Immortal - Demon Hunter Horadrim Cosmetic Set
Monk Necromancer Wizard
Diablo Immortal - Monk Horadrim Cosmetic Set Diablo Immortal - Necromancer Horadrim Cosmetic Set Diablo Immortal - Wizard Horadrim Cosmetic Set

Cosmetic Sets List

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