Diablo Immortal - Server Transfer: Can You Transfer to a Different Server?

Can you transfer to a different server in Diablo Immortal? A post on the game's official website sheds light on the topic of a server transfer feature in the game.

Diablo Immortal - Can You Transfer to a Different Server?

Can You Transfer to a Different Server in Diablo Immortal?

Server Transfer Feature Will Not Be Available on Launch

Diablo Immortal - Server Start Screen

Diablo Immortal will not be supporting transferring of characters between servers when the game launches in the Americas and Europe on June 2nd, 2022. This was confirmed in a post on the game’s official website.

Release Date Per Region

From Diablo Immortal’s Official Website:

Q: If I decide to create a character in another server on June 2 and start to play, will I be able to later transfer my character to my regions’ server after it goes live?

A: No, the character created on the specific server will not be able to transfer to another. If players wish to create a character and play on servers that go live on June 22, you will need to create a new character instead.

Diablo Immortal - Character Screen

As mentioned in the Q&A portion above, server transfer will not be a feature in Diablo Immortal upon the game’s launch on reach region. This means that progress your character has made in a specific server cannot be carried over to another. Because of this, try to decide carefully which server you will play on before creating a character.

List of Servers Per Region

It should also be noted that the Horadrim Cosmetic Set pre-registration bonus can only be claimed for one character per account.

Cosmetic Sets List

Server Transfer May Become Available in Future Updates (To be confirmed)

There is currently no announcement from developer Blizzard Entertainment on the possibility of server transfer or any similar feature being implemented any time soon. This, however, may change in the future. More information on this will be added when it is confirmed in official sources so please check back regularly for updates.


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