Diablo Immortal - Barbarian Class Guide

A guide on Barbarian character class in Diablo Immortal. Included are basic skills, attributes, and many more.

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Barbarian Class Guide in Diablo Immortal

In Diablo Immortal, you must choose your character’s class at the start of the game. The Barbarian is one of the class that you can get to choose and use to play the game. Below is the list of information about this class.

Which Class Should You Choose? Guide

Diablo Immortal - Barbarian (Male) A savage wanderer. Survivors of the disaster that struck Mount Arreat, Barbarians use brutal attacks to crush any opposition.

Barbarian Information


Type Melee
Main-Scaling Stat Strength
Main Attributes  Physical

Barbarian Weapon List and Effects Guide


  • High-damage melee character with excellent attack speed
  • Access to crowd control skills allows him to clear regular mobs quickly


  • Struggles against enemies with powerful ranged attacks
  • Skills have long cooldown and may make him vulnerable against constant waves of foes

Barbarian Skills

Primary Skills

Name Effect Cooldown Unlock at
Lacerate Launch a series of attacks that deals damage with each hit. Every third hit heals you for 15% of damage done. None Level 1
Frenzy Launch a frenzied attack that deals damage. Each hit increases Frenzy’s attack speed by 8% for 3 seconds, stacking up to 5 times. None Level 34

Other Skills

Name Effect Cooldown Unlock at
Chained Spear Hurl 3 chained spears that deal damage. This will cause the spear dragging impaled enemies back to you and dealing another damage. 10 seconds Level 3
Cleave Unleash a powerful attack that deals damage to all enemies in front of you, and causes them to bleed for damage over 3 seconds. Maximum 3 charges. 9 seconds Level 1
Demoralize Release a ferocious shout that forces nearby monsters to attack you. Also deals damage to all nearby enemies and reduces their damage done by 30%. Lasts 8 seconds. 30 seconds Level 38
Furious Charge Charge forward, knocking away all enemies in your path while dealing damage. Maximum 3 charges. Players may only be affected once every 3 seconds. 9 seconds Level 20
Grab Seize a nearby monster and wield it as a weapon, replacing your Primary Attack with a swing that deals damage to all enemies in front of you. Activate again to throw the monster, dealing damage in your path. 20 seconds Level 47
Ground Stomp Stomp the ground, stunning nearby enemies for up to 1.5 seconds and dealing damage. Charging longer increases range and duration up to 3 seconds. 30 seconds Level 38
Hammer of the Ancients Call forth a massive hammer which smashes enemies in front of you for damage, and shakes the earth itself, dealing additional damage over 2 seconds. 12 seconds Level 1
Leap Leap to a location, dealing damage to all nearby enemies when you land and reducing their movement speed by 50% for 4 seconds. Each full life enemy struck by Leap reduces Leaps the cooldown by 1 second. 12 seconds Level 28
Sprint Increase your movement speed by 50% for 4.5 seconds. While active you may move unhindered through enemies and you are immune to movement impairing effects. 16 seconds Level 15
Undying Rage Enter a rage that prevents you from dying and causes all your attacks to heal you for 30% of damage done. Undying Rage automatically activates when you take fatal damage. 30 seconds Level 44
Whirlwind Become a Whirlwind of steel, continually striking all enemies while moving at 70% reduced speed. Using Whirlwind slowly consumes its energy, which recovers Whirlwind while not in use. 0.5 seconds Level 8
Wrath of the Berserker Enter a berserk state that increases your attack speed by 50% and movement speed by 20% for 6.5 seconds. 30 seconds Level 50

Barbarian Guide and Tips

Utilize Speed and Crowd Control Abilities

The Barbarian has a set of skills that focuses on close-combat melee attacks with great crowd control abilities, it can have a huge impact when dealing with multiple enemies and when using it as a DPS as it deal huge AoE damage.

Beginner-Friendly Class

Due to it’s easy-to-use skills and simple playstyle, the Barbarian class is the most recommended one to use for first time and new players. It is also one of the best to use whenever players play on solo or with a group.

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