Diablo Immortal - How to Raise Combat Rating

A guide on how to raise Combat Rating in Diablo Immortal, including how to check your character's Combat Rating stat value and the best methods to increase it quickly in the game.

Diablo Immortal - How to Raise Combat Rating

How to Raise Combat Rating in Diablo Immortal

What is Combat Rating?

Diablo Immortal - Combat Rating

Combat Rating in Diablo Immortal is a character’s overall power value determined by a combination of factors such as level, equipment, and Helliquary buffs activated. Raising your character’s Combat Rating is important as it allows you to undertake more challenging content throughout the game, including high level raids, dungeons, and Helliquary missions.

How to Check Your Character’s Combat Rating

1 At any time during play, open your Backpack by clicking/tapping the bag icon on the upper right corner of the screen.
2 From the Backpack screen, click/tap on the Attributes icon on the bottom left of your character’s model (above EQUIPMENT).
3 Click/tap on More Attributes to view your current Combat Rating along with other Secondary Attributes such as Armor, Armor Penetration, Potency, and Resistance.

How to Increase Combat Rating

Combat Rating can be increased through a number of ways which are indicated below.

Leveling Up

The most straightforward way of raising your character’s Combat Rating is to level them up. This can be done by gaining experience (XP) in battle, clearing various quests, completing Battle Pass objectives (Codex), running Dungeons, and doing Bounties.

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Leveling up also raises the rank your character’s different skills which give them improved properties, damage, and overall usefulness in combat.

Using Better Gear

You can also increase your character’s Combat Rating by equipping better gear or upgrading ones you already have to improve their stats. Primary and secondary pieces of equipment can be obtained as enemy loot or through chests by doing main story quests, Dungeons, and Raids. You can also try rolling for better gear with gold using the Gambling Equipment service by talking to Yakin in Rakki Plaza (Westmarch).

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Once you have acquired decent gear, you should focus on upgrading them at a Blacksmith. Note that enhancing gear requires different materials like Scraps, Shards, Dust, and Enigmatic Crystals in addition to the fee paid for tempering your equipment.

Equipping Gems

Slotting in various Gems into your equipment will greatly enhance their usefulness in battle by granting them improved stats and other special effects. Legendary Gems, in particular, apply significant bonuses to your character’s Combat Rating while also activating unique abilities that mesh well with certain class skills.

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Upgrading the Helliquary

Upgrading the Helliquary applies a number of useful passive buffs to your character’s Combat Rating as well which becomes increasingly important as you reach the late-game stages. To upgrade the Helliquary, you will need to obtain the rare material Scoria and refine it into Hellfire Scoria. This processed resource can then be used to enhance the Helliquary, allowing it to locate powerful demons you can seal to gain Combat Rating bonuses in the game.

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