Diablo Immortal - List of Servers Per Region

A list of all Diablo Immortal servers per region.

Diablo Immortal - List of Servers Per Region

List of Servers Per Region for Diablo Immortal

Below is a list of all servers in Diablo Immortal arranged according to region. Note that servers support various locale languages which are displayed in the game by default. You can change the language either through the in-game settings or by changing your PC’s operating system language before launching the game.


North America – West

North America – West Servers
Caldesann Kanai Eternal Crown
Deckard Cain Zoltun Kulle Sand Scorpions
Stormshield Old Growth The Soulstones
Khalim’s Will The Gidbinn Cult of Damnation
Purus the Decimator Black Abyss The Triune
Dry Steppes Amber Blades Halls of the Blind
Star of Azkaranth Wailing Beast Heart of the Oak
Crescent Moon Call to Arms Chains of Honor
Hand of Justice Breath of the Dying Pandemonium
Burning Hells End of Days

North America – East

North America – East Servers
Sin War Prime Evils Tree of Inifuss
Soul Siphon Sandro the Mouth The Malus
Iceburn Tear The Worldstone Helliquary
Silver Spire Plains of Despair Arcane Sanctuary
The Curator The Fallen Risen Dead
Darkening of Tristram Greed The Last Vestige
Meshif Ureh Albrecht
Lysander Wirt Hadriel
Mask of Jeram Arkaine’s Valor Doombringer
Town Portal Eternal Conflict

South America – Portugese

South America – Portuguese Servers
Flavie Akara Asylla
Xul Oza Belial
Izilech Jondo Gorgothra

South America – Spanish

South America – Spanish Servers
Mephisto Rathma Navair
Bul-Kathos Viz-jaq’taar Viz-Jun


Europe – English

Europe – English Servers
Dark Exile Arreat Summit Sightless Eye
The Unspoken Angiris Council Blood Rose
The Countess Talva Silvertongue The Butcher
Stone of Jordan The Void Cathedral of Light
Archbishop Lazarus Dark Wanderer The Hellforge
The Ancients Trade Consortium Yshari Sanctum
Gharbad the Weak The Borderlands The Martyr
Sea of Light Crystal Arch Diamond Gates
Thorned Hulk Wood Wraith Oblivion Knight
Throne of Destruction Stygian Fury

Europe – French

Europe – French Servers
Skarn Dravec Charsi
Leoric Ammuit Esu

Europe – German

Europe – German Servers
El’Druin Tabri Vizjerei
Hemlir Segithis Akeba

Europe – Spanish

Europe – Spanish Servers
Zatham Fara

Europe – Italian

Europe – Italian Servers
Talus’ar Sescheron

Europe – Polish

Europe – Polish Servers
Cathan Itherael


Oceania Servers
Baal Bloodsworn


East Asia – Japanese

East Asia – Japanese Servers
Ongori Inarius Fahir
Eskara Lilith Zov
Lakrii Manoruk Tyrael
Horadric Cube Andariel Zaim

East Asia – Korean

East Asia – Korean Servers
Rayek Lethes Tal Rasha
Tassi Vataos Daedessa
Askari Kashya Zaka
Sargoth Namari Ennead
Que-Hegan Griswold Harlequin Crest

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