Diablo Immortal - Which Class Should You Choose?

A guide on the best class to choose for beginners in Diablo Immortal, including an overview of each of the six classes (Barbarian, Crusader, Demon Hunter, Monk, Necromancer, and Wizard), their key roles, strengths, weaknesses, and recommendation for new players.

Diablo Immortal - Which Class Should You Choose?

Which Class Should You Choose in Diablo Immortal?

Diablo Immortal - Barbarian (Male)

Picking the right starting character class in Diablo Immortal is crucial as it will greatly affect your experience and progress throughout the early stages until you are able to take on more challenging content later. Below is an overview of each of the six character classes in the game, including their main roles, key characteristics (strengths and weaknesses), and recommendation for beginners.

Character Class Guides

Classes Overview

Class Role Beginner Recommendation
Diablo Immortal - Barbarian (Male)Barbarian Melee DPS, Crowd Control ★★★★
  • High-damage melee character with excellent attack speed
  • Access to crowd control skills allows him to clear regular mobs quickly
  • Struggles against enemies with powerful ranged attacks
  • Skills have long cooldown and may make him vulnerable against constant waves of foes
Diablo Immortal - Crusader (Female)Crusader Melee DPS, Crowd Control, Support ★★★★★
  • Extremely mobile melee DPS with high damage output and versatility
  • Access to crowd control skills and party-wide support skills for improved survivability and critical rate
  • Struggles against enemies with powerful ranged attacks
  • Essential mobility skill (Draw and Quarter) has long cooldown, greatly lowering offensive performance in battle
Diablo Immortal - Demon Hunter (Male)Demon Hunter Ranged DPS ★★★★
  • Mobile ranged DPS with excellent single-target damage output
  • Able to constantly reposition themselves to avoid taking damage during encounters while still being able to dish out constant damage using primary attacks
  • Little to no party utility
  • Low HP and defense and will constantly die if overwhelmed by mobs
Diablo Immortal - Monk (Female)Monk Melee DPS, Crowd Control, Support ★★★
  • Swift melee DPS with good group damage output and good versatility
  • Incredible utility with access to a variety of skills for crowd control, mobility, and support and is very useful against a variety of regular enemy mobs
  • Somewhat complex playstyle requiring a specific order of using and timing skills to chain to be most effective
  • Subpar single target damage output
Diablo Immortal - Necromancer (Male)Necromancer Melee/Ranged DPS, Crowd Control, Support ★★★
  • Versatile DPS with exceptional crowd control
  • Ability to summon and buff minions is extremely powerful against enemy mobs and bosses by temporarily drawing aggro away from allies
  • Poor mobility and will constantly die if not positioned well during encounters
  • Requires constant micromanagement to be effective which may be difficult for beginners
Diablo Immortal - Wizard (Female)Wizard Melee/Ranged DPS, Crowd Control ★★★★
  • Mobile DPS with good crowd control and versatility
  • Access to high-damage AoE spells makes them good for clearing mobs of enemies quickly while also having a wide array of utility skills to stun or immobilize foes in battle
  • Skills have long cooldown, making you of little to no use for the duration
  • Most skills require precise aiming to get the most damage and effectiveness out of them

The Best Class for Beginners – Crusader

Diablo Immortal - Crusader (Female)

For new players, it is highly recommended to choose the Crusader class because of their impressive damage, access to useful crowd control and support skills, and good survivability. Maining the class at the beginning of the game also lets beginners learn good positioning using the Draw and Quarter skill while suffering very little disadvantages throughout their first playthrough. The Crusader class’ general ease of use will also be appealing to players new to the series action RPG style.

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