Diablo Immortal - How to Change Classes

A guide on how to change classes in Diablo Immortal, including requirements to access the class change feature, mechanics of switching classes, things carried over, and other useful tips.

Diablo Immortal - How to Change Classes

How to Change Classes in Diablo Immortal

In Diablo Immortal, you can change your character’s class to a different one, retaining all of your Paragon level progress, equipment, gems, and other items obtained by your previous class. This feature represents a break from the series’ traditional character class system and will allow you to freely explore different playstyles throughout the game.

Which Class Should You Choose?

Requirements to Change Classes

Head to Westmarch to Access the Class Change Feature

There is currently little information on how to change classes in Diablo Immortal. According to an official post on Blizzard’s website, class change can be done in Westmarch. Upon switching to a different class, items such as weapons, armor, gems, consumable items, and other stashed gear your previous character had amassed will be safely carried over to your new class. Your original character class’s Paragon levels will also be unchanged if you decide to change back to it in the future.

More information on the class change feature will be added when it is confirmed in official sources.

Currently Unavailable on Launch

The class change feature will not be available during the game’s launch but will instead be added in a future update, as confirmed by the developers.

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