Act 3 “War of Deliverance” Walkthrough Summary [Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia]

This is the walkthrough for Act 3 - War of Deliverance. We'll update this as soon as the English version comes out.

War of Deliverance

The War of Deliverance is a part of Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. It represents Act 3 of the game and this part will involve you swapping time lines. There will be times you have to fight under Alm; there are also times you have to fight using Celica. However, this Act is relatively simple. All it takes is some battling in order to complete the Act.

Alm’s Side of the Story

Map name Unit / Equipment Remarks
North Zofia
Zofia’s Forest
Forest Crossroads Battle
Forest Village Unit: Luthier
Equipment: Blessed Lance
Help the merchants in the battlefield
Desaix’s Fort  Unit: Mathilda
Equipment: Steel Lance/ Iron Sword
Desaix’s Fort Interior Collect the shield
Zofia’s Forest 2
Sylvan Shrine Sacred Springs: HP / EXP, RES / RES
North Zofia Forest
Sluice Gate Unit: Delthea (Temporary Teammate)
Equipment: Prayer Ring (Delthea’s Default equipment)

Celica’s Side of the Story

Map name Unit / Equipment Remarks
Zofian Coast
Zofia Harbor Unit: Palla (Temporary Member) / Catria (Temporary Member)
Equipment: Hard Spear (Palla’s Default equipment) / Blessed Ring (Catria’s Default equipment)
Mountain graveyard
Mountain village Unit: Atlas
Desert Stronghold Equipment: Steel Bow
Desert Stronghold (Interior) Equipment: Steel Lance
North Desert Equipment: Brave Sword / Steel Shield
South Desert
Grieth’s Citadel
Grieth’s Citadel, Interior Unit: Est / Deen or Sonya
Equipment: Brave Sword (Deen’s Default Weapon)/ Steel Shield (Sonya’s Default Weapon)
Valley Approach Equipment : Shadow Sword
Dragon Shrine Sacred Springs: Raise Fallen Allies
Mila’s Temple
Inside Mila’s Temple Allows Celica to Class change

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