Forspoken - All Crafting Resources List

Crafting Resources list for Forspoken and how to get each material in the game.

Forspoken - All Resources List

All Crafting Resources List Guide for Forspoken

This page contains a list of all Crafting Resources in Forspoken and how to get each material throughout the game’s main story. Resources are used to make Nail Designs or upgrade Gear (Cloaks and Necklaces). You can obtain crafting materials by gathering points or by defeating various enemies in the game.

Please note that this page is currently undergoing updates. More Crafting Resources will be added when they are confirmed in the game.

List of All Crafting Resources

Crafting Resource (Material) How to Get
Balm Flax Foraging
Beam Stone
Crag Grass
Fervid Cluster Enemy drop: Milleridae, Syntheras, Vorona
Fluteblossom Treasure chests
Grainstone Treasure chests, foraging
Junoon’s Mantle
Lambent Cluster Enemy drop: Limnocyon, Teratornis, Vorona
Leaden Cluster Enemy drop: Merycodus, Miacis, Milleridae
Lucid Cluster Enemy drop: Chapalania, Protosuchus, Ramoceros
Shore Violet Foraging
Tall Aster
Welkin Cluster Enemy drop: Mercycodus, Miacis, Syntheras
Wild Musk Foraging

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