Forspoken - Tips for Combat

Tips for combat for Forspoken, including recommended strategies for dealing with most enemies encountered throughout the main story and useful tricks to get the hang of the game's battle system.

Forspoken - Tips for Combat

Tips for Combat for Forspoken

Forspoken - Defeating Enemies

This page contains a list of tips for combat for Forspoken, including recommended strategies for dealing with most enemies encountered throughout the main story and useful tricks to get the hang of the game’s battle system and basic mechanics.

Offensive Magic

Offensive Magic deals damage to enemies and can be used with the R2 button. Pressing and holding it for a period of time will make the spell stronger.

Try to hit enemies with a variety of attack spells by pressing R1 to switch between different abilities.

Cuff Barrier

Cuff will regularly cast a barrier on Frey to reduce damage inflicted on her. This shield will dissipate if Frey is hit too much. If this happens, the barrier will enter a cooldown state, rendering Frey completely vulnerable to incoming attacks. You can, however, land a finishing blow to immediately recharge Cuff’s barrier.

The best strategy is to always try to avoid getting hit by using evasive maneuvers and Magic Parkour while in combat.

Support Magic

Support magic allows Frey to gain an advantage in battle through the use of various spells that can immobilize enemies or render them helpless. To use Support Magic, press the L2 button.

You can also cycle through other Support Spells using the L1 button similar to using Offensive Magic.

Locking onto Enemies

Press the R3 button to lock onto enemies so you can better track them as they move about in battle. This is especially useful during boss fights against Nightmares or Ultimate Breakbeasts as you want to be able to anticipate all of their attacks to avoid getting hit.

To switch targets against multiple foes, use the Right Analog Stick while locked onto an enemy.

Charge Magic

Charge Magic is an extremely powerful spellcraft that becomes usable as you use Offensive and Support Magic during the thick of battle. These spells can often wipe out entire groups of enemies with a single cast, making them useful when the numbers are against you.

To use Charge Magic, press the R2 +R1 button.

Finishing Blows

Sometimes, you will get an opportunity to land a finishing blow on enemies when they are at their most vulnerable. Doing so lets you deal massive damage while instantly recharging Cuff’s barrier and recovering Frey’s health.

To perform a finishing blow, approach an enemy and press the △ button.

Critical Hits

Attacking an enemy from behind or to the side allows you to land a critical hit which is significantly more powerful than regular strikes dealt upfront. Try to get the drop on enemies by sneaking toward them if you want to initiate combat.

Note that critical hit damage is greater when hitting an enemy from behind compared to their flanks.

Enemy Piercing Attacks

Enemies will occasionally throw out piercing attacks that will penetrate Cuff’s barrier and take out a significant chunk of Frey’s health. When you see the opponent winding up this move, dodge it by tilting the Left Analog Stick and pressing the ◯ button.

Enemy Unblockable Attacks

Enemies, especially more powerful monsters, can sometimes perform an unblockable attack that can pierce through Cuff’s barrier and cannot be dodged. The only way to avoid unlockables is to hide behind obstacles or by running away from them using Magic Parkour.

Combat Grade

Increasing your Combat Grade by performing certain feats in battle increases the experience (EXP) gained and the likelihood of rare items dropping from enemies. This lets you level up faster or obtain useful materials for crafting items or gear throughout the main story.

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