Forspoken - Pre-Order Bonuses and Game Editions

A breakdown of all Forspoken pre-order bonuses and game editions for the Playstation 5 and PC (Steam). The game is scheduled for release on January 24th, 2023.

Forspoken - Pre-Order Bonuses and Game Editions

Forspoken Pre-Order Bonuses and Game Editions

Forspoken is set for release on the January 24th, 2023 for the Playstation 5 and PC (Steam). Ahead of its anticipated launch, pre-order bonuses and two game editions have been announced on the game’s official Square Enix website, Steam product page, and various other retail platforms.

Pre-Order Bonuses

From Playstation Store (PS5 Digital Version)

Forspoken - Playstation Store Pre-Order Bonus

Early purchase of the Digital Version from the Playstation Store lets players receive a selection of in-game items which are the No Limits Cloak, Symbol Combo Necklace, Trigger Happy Nails, and Crafting Starter Kit.

From Steam (PC Digital Version)

Forspoken - Steam Pre-Order Bonus

Pre-ordering the PC version of the game on Steam, meanwhile, also affords players a set of in-game bonuses which are the Elite Cloak, Spectra Combo Necklace, and Overclock Nails.

From Gamestop (PS5 Physical Version)

Forspoken - Gamestop Pre-Order Bonus

Players who pre-order from Gamestop will get the Premium Character Card Set (physical) which consists of three cards, a decorative box, and three stands.

From Best Buy (PS5 Physical Version)

Forspoken - Best Buy Pre-Order Bonus

Lastly, advance orders from Best Buy lets players receive a special edition steelbook that features special cover artwork of Forspoken.

Game Editions

Standard Edition

Forspoken - Standard Physical Edition Forspoken - Standard Digital Edition

The Standard Edition is simply a physical or digital copy of the game which suits players who only wish to experience the narrative-driven adventure of Forspoken.

The Standard version goes for 69.99 USD. Pre-order bonuses are included based on the platform or retailer.

Digital Deluxe Edition

Forspoken - Digital Deluxe Edition

The Digital Deluxe Edition is a download-only package which throws in a number of exclusive digital add-ons with game. Bundled in this version are the Digital Mini Artbook, Digital Mini Soundtrack, Prequel Story DLC ‘Forspoken: In Tanta We Trust’ (Summer 2023), and Rare Resource Kit.

The Digital Deluxe Edition is priced at 94.99 USD and is only available for early purchase at the Playstation Store. Pre-order bonuses are included if applicable.

What is Forspoken?

Forspoken - Game Overview 1

Forspoken is an open-world action role-playing game that follows the adventures of Frey, a young woman from New York City who is transported to the mysterious world of Athia. Sometime after Frey’s arrival, she awakens her magical powers, allowing her to quickly traverse the vast landscapes of Athia and fend off hordes of demonic entities throughout her journey to return home.

A “Narrative-Driven Adventure”

Forspoken - Game Overview 2

Forspoken is described as a “narrative-driven adventure” by game director Takeshi Aramaki with emphasis on Frey’s abilities that grant her amazing mobility to move around the massive world of Athia. Using the performance of current-generation platforms (Playstation 5 and PC), Forspoken allows players to experience the freedom of traversing Athia’s terrain with speed and fluidity never before seen in previous action role-playing titles.

Please visit our Forspoken Walkthrough and Guide Page for more news and updates.

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