Forspoken - All Locked Labyrinth List and Locations

All Locked Labyrinth list and locations guide for Forspoken, including where to find all mini dungeons, all Locked Labyrinth mini bosses, rewards, and other useful tips.

Forspoken - All Locked Labyrinths List and Locations

All Locked Labyrinths List and Locations Guide for Forspoken

This page contains a list of all Locked Labyrinths for Forspoken, including a guide on where to find all mini-dungeons, all Locked Labyrinth mini bosses, rewards, and other useful tips.

Please note that this page is undergoing updates. More information on Locked Labyrinths and their locations will be added when they are confirmed in the game.

What are Locked Labyrinths?

Optional Mini Dungeons

Forspoken - Locked Labyrinth

Locked Labyrinths are a type of mini dungeon in Forspoken that are found hidden all throughout Athia. They are commonly found underground and may only become accessible after progressing through certain points during the main story, performing specific actions, or other conditions.

Forspoken - Proto Jabberwock Mini Boss

Powerful enemies are encountered in Locked Labyrinths. At the end of each dungeon is a challenging mini boss that you need to take down to clear the area.

Obtainable Items and Rewards

Valuable loot such as rare crating resources, powerful gear, and items can be obtained in Locked Labyrinths. This makes these optional areas very rewarding to explore and clear as you progress through the game’s main story chapters.

List of All Locked Labyrinths

Locked Labyrinth Location Mini-Boss Rewards
Locked Labyrinth: Hill To be confirmed. Proto Jabberwock To be confirmed.

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