Forspoken - How to Increase Combat Grade

A guide on how to increase Combat Grade, including recommended actions to perform to get high Battle Ranking points and other useful tips.

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How to Increase Combat Grade Guide for Forspoken

Forspoken - Combat Grade

In Forspoken, experience (EXP) and enemy item drop rate increases when you raise your Combat Grade (Battle Ranking) indicated on the right side of the screen during play. Getting high Combat Grades allows you to level up faster or obtain rare crafting resources much more frequently in battle.

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The guide below contains information on how to increase Battle Rankings, including recommended actions to perform to get high Combat Grade points and other useful tips.

Your Combat Grade goes up when you successfully perform specific actions in battle.

Specific feats such as perfectly evading enemy attacks using parkour abilities, landing Precision Counters or Killer Blows, or attacking targets using spells that they are weak against will earn you Combat Grade points to raise your Combat Grade.

Forspoken Tips for Combat

Below is a list of some of the feats you can achieve in battle based on the amount of Combat Grade points rewarded. Note that the type of enemy encountered also affects the number of points you earn for various actions performed against them.

Combat Actions Based on Combat Grade Points Earned

High-Reward Actions
  • Use Surge Magic
  • Perform Killer Blows
  • Evade Piercing Attacks with Flow
Average-Reward Actions
  • Use Support Magic
  • String Spells Together
  • Use Attack Magic While Parkouring
Low-Reward Actions
  • Perform Side Strike Attacks
  • Attack Enemies from Behind

Tips to Easily Raise Combat Grade

Enable Auto-Evasion.

By turning on Auto-Evasion from the game’s settings, Frey will automatically dodge incoming enemy attacks (as long as they are not unblockable or undodgeable) which makes it easier to increase Combat Grades in battle.

Play on Easy difficulty.

Combat Grade points earned are likely to be the same across all difficulty modes so you can simply play on the easiest setting to consistently get the highest battle rating for each encounter.

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