Forspoken - How to Reduce Cuff Dialogue

A guide on how to reduce Cuff dialogue for Forspoken, including how to access the Cuff Chatter Frequency options from the game's settings and other useful tips.

Forspoken - How to Reduce Cuff Dialogue

How to Reduce Cuff Dialogue Guide for Forspoken

This page contains a guide on how to reduce dialogue with Cuff for Forspoken, including how to access the Cuff Chatter Frequency options from the game’s settings and other useful tips.

Can be Tweaked Under Accessibility Settings from the Game Menu

You can lower the frequency of Cuff engaging in conversations with Frey by going into Accessibility Settings from the game’s start screen. This allows you to hear less of Cuff’s dialogue if you prefer to play through the game with as few distractions as possible.

Please note that the method of adjusting Cuff’s dialogue frequency written below is based on the demo version of the game.

1 Before starting the game, go into SETTINGS (under LOAD GAME).
2 Use R1 to move to the Accessibility Settings tab.
3 Under Accessibility Settings,  go down to Cuff Settings.
4 Adjust Cuff Chat Frequency to your preference.
5 Exit the menu to save the settings.

Cuff Chat Frequency Settings

There are a total of four settings that affect how often you hear Cuff while exploring the vast open world of Athia. In order of frequency, these are: Minimal, Low, Default, and High.

Playing on Minimal lets you hear only important dialogue that you need to progress through the game. High, meanwhile, allows Cuff to interact with Frey as much as possible through funny banter and interesting bits of information about the pair’s surroundings and current situation.

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