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A list of all game database pages in Forspoken, including weapons, equipment, items, skills, and enemies. Click on a link to go to its page.

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All Game Database Guides in Forspoken

Below is a list of all database guides in Forspoken. Click on a link in order to read its content.

Magic Spells

▼All Forspoken Magic Spells
Purple Magic Spells List (Frey Side) Red Magic Spells List (Sila Side)
Magic Parkour Spell List

Gear and Items

▼All Forspoken Gear and Items
All Cloak List All Necklace List
All Nail Design List All Crafting Resource List
All Crafting Books List


▼All Forspoken Enemies
All Enemy List All Nightmare List
All Ultimate Breakbeast List

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