Forspoken - Partha Guide

Partha guide for Forspoken, including basic information on the buff mechanic mini game, how to unlock, list of buffs granted, and other useful tips.

Forspoken - Partha Boosts Guide

Partha Guide for Forspoken

This page contains a guide on Partha for Forspoken, including basic information on the buff mechanic mini game, how to unlock, list of buffs granted, and other useful tips.

Please note that this page is undergoing updates. More information on Partha will be added when they are confirmed in the game.

What is Partha?

Forspoken - Partha Bowl

Partha are a type of dice found in safe zones all around Athia that Frey can roll to obtain temporary boosts to her parameters in combat. Upon entering neutral areas like The Shady Tree pub in Cipal, look for round bowls containing these small throwable objects made of animal bone to gain useful buffs before heading out into the Break again.

How to Unlock Partha

Forspoken - Frey Rolling Partha Dice

While not revealed in official sources, it is expected that Partha will become available somewhere during the early stages of the main story. More information on this will be added when it is confirmed in the game.

List of Partha Boosts

Forspoken - Partha Boost

The type of boosts that Frey is temporarily granted depends on the symbol on the Partha dice that is facing up when it lands on the bowl. Below is a table that summarizes the parameters that are enhanced based on the Partha mark that Frey rolls.

Partha Symbol Buffs
Spear Strengthens Frey’s magical abilities.
Seed Grants Frey health regeneration.

Useful Tips for Partha

Coming soon.

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