Forspoken - All Pilgrim’s Refuge Locations and Guide

All Pilgrim's Refuge locations and guide for Forspoken, including basic information on the safe zones, features, things to do, where to find all refuges, trophies and achievements unlocked, and other useful tips.

Forspoken - All Pilgrim's Refuge Locations and Guide

All Pilgrim’s Refuge Locations and Guide for Forspoken

Forspoken - Pilgrim's Refuge

This page contains all Pilgrim’s Refuge locations for Forspoken, including basic information on the safe zones, features, things to do, where to find all refuges, trophies and achievements unlocked, and other useful tips.

What are Pilgrim’s Refuges?

Forspoken - Pilgrim's Refuge

Pilgrim’s Refuges are a type of safe zone in Forspoken that allows Frey to take a break from exploring Athia. A number of features can be accessed in a refuge which includes crafting items, upgrading Gear, and playing with Tantas Familiars you have befriended on your adventure.

Upon discovering a Pilgrim’s Refuge, it will be marked on the map for fast travel.

Trophies and Achievements

Below is a list of all trophies and achievements related to Pilgrim’s Refuges and how to unlock them in the game.

Achievement Trophy How to Unlock

Trophies and Achievements List

List of All Pilgrim’s Refuges

Pilgrim’s Refuge Location Details
Barren Plain’s Refuge Found during your first journey from Cipal (unmissable).
Eastern Cipal Refuge Dead Man’s Ledge

Things to Do at Pilgrim’s Refuges

Crafting items.

You can use crafting resources you have gathered in your adventure to craft healing draughts, tools, and Nail Designs when resting at a Pilgrim’s Refuge. Try to keep yourself stocked with potions as much as possible before heading out or make and equip nail polish based on enemies you expect to encounter during the main story.

Upgrade Gear.

Pilgrim’s Refuges also allow you to upgrade Gear (Cloaks and Necklaces) by applying various permanent effects on them using Crafting Books purchased from Old Book Vendors.

Read ancient books to unlock Spellcraft Challenges.

Some Pilgrim’s Refuges house ancient books that Frey can read to begin Spellcraft Challenges. Doing these optional missions lets you upgrade Frey’s Red and Purple Magic by meeting specific objectives unique to each challenge.

Play with Tantas Familiars.

Any Tantas Familiars you befriend while out in the Break will find their way to a Pilgrim’s Refuge. Frey can then play with these curious magical felines to pass the time.

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