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Like A Dragon: Ishin (Ryu Ga Gotoku: Ishin/Yakuza Ishin) Walkthrough and Guide Page containing main story walkthroughs, all Substory walkthroughs, all trophies and achievements, all collectibles guide, all mini games guides, characters, boss guides, beginner guides, best abilities, best skills, cheats, tips, tricks, Easter eggs, news, and updates for the action-adventure game developed by Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio and published by Sega for the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and Steam (PC).

News and Updates

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Main Story

▼LAD: Ishin Main Story Walkthroughs
Chapter 1: Escaping Home Walkthrough Chapter 2: The Man Named Saito Hajime Walkthrough
Chapter 3: Mibu Wolves Walkthrough Chapter 4: Joint Struggle Walkthrough
Chapter 5: The Iron Code Walkthrough Chapter 6: The Ikedaya Incident Walkthrough
Chapter 7: The Two Ryomas Walkthrough Chapter 8: The Mad Dog Howls Walkthrough
Chapter 9: Feud of the Ages Walkthrough Chapter 10: True Identities Walkthrough
Chapter 11: The Great Gamble Walkthrough Chapter 12: Kyo Ablaze Walkthrough
Chapter 13: The Assassination of Sakamoto Ryoma Walkthrough Chapter 14 (Final): Dawn Breaks Walkthrough


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Chapter 2 Substories (The Man Named Saito Hajime)

▼LAD: Ishin Chapter 2 Substory Walkthroughs
Death of the Author It’s A Long Story
It’s A Long Story: The Final Chapter It’s A Long Story: Epilogue
Ee Ja Nai Ka The Desperate Fisherman
The Junk Boy The Woodcutter

Chapter 3 Substories (Mibu Wolves)

▼LAD: Ishin Chapter 3 Substory Walkthroughs
Nichibuza’s Newest Fan Deceitful Deity
Who’s Entertaining Who? I’ll Miss You, Miho
Talkin’ Tosa The Mochi Mystery
Ee Ja Nai for Justice Global Fraud
Sonno Joui Ee Ja Not Ka
The Sword Nut The Frequently Lost Courier
Soft and Supple

Chapter 4 Substories (Joint Struggle)

▼LAD: Ishin Chapter 4 Substory Walkthroughs
The Love-Starved Husband The Oblivious Woman
The Injured Grandma The Barking Dog
The Lucky Cat The Reclusive Son
The Mysterious Merchant The Hungry Cat
The Bad Side of Town Brawler for Hire
The Servile Beggar The Thrash Dealer
The Injured Dog A Clean Streak
A Man and His Sack All In the Hips
Scented Water The Patient Dog
The Filthy Cat Finders Weepers
The Revolutionary Chef The Sexy Madam
A Warlord’s Ambition Mama Ryoma
The Amnesiac The Boy Who Loves Veggies
The Spitfire Debt Collector The Spitfire Lie Detector
The Spitfire Town Protector Hope Blossoms Again

Chapter 5 Substories (The Iron Code)

▼LAD: Ishin Chapter 5 Substory Walkthroughs
The Unwilling Courier Enter the Black Panther Couriers
The Panthers’ Leading Man The Hungry Sumo Wrestler
The Panthers’ Playmaker The Battered Defender
The Last Stand of the Panthers It’s What’s On the Inside
The Boy Who Cried Bear

Chapter 6 Substories (The Ikedaya Incident)

▼LAD: Ishin Chapter 6 Substory Walkthroughs
Palanquin Paladin Bluffin’ Up the Wrong Alley
Brawler Incarnate The Way of the Sammerai

Chapter 7 Substories (The Two Ryomas)

▼LAD: Ishin Chapter 7 Substory Walkthroughs
Can I Quote You on That? Night of the Living Rumor
Invasion of the Black Ships?

Chapter 10 Substories (True Identities)

▼LAD: Ishin Chapter 10 Substory Walkthroughs
Brawler Enlightened

Like A Dragon: Ishin All Substories List and Rewards

Strategy Guides

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Getting Started

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Pre-Order Bonuses and Game Editions How Long to Beat
Game Difficulty Permanent Events and Missables
Tips and Tricks for Beginners PC System Requirements
Recommended Gameplay Settings New Features Guide
Differences from the Original

Useful Guides

▼LAD: Ishin Useful Guides
Trophies and Achievements List Post-Game Unlockables
Best Skills to Get Best Combat Styles Guide
Best Weapons Best Armor
Money Farming Guide Virtue Farming Guide
Leveling Guide Best Virtue Exchange Items to Get
Another Life Guide Pets Guide
Mini Game Guides Fishing Guide
Cooking Guide Ultimate Battles Guide
All Bonds (Friendship) Guide and Rewards Lottery Ticket Guide
Weapon Forging Guide Virtue List
Wanted Men Guide All Substories List
Trooper Cards Guide Trooper Cards List
All Outfits and Skins List Combat Style Abilities List
Arena Guide All Crafting Materials List

Game Database

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Equipment and Items

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Swords Guns
Head Armor Body Armor
Gauntlets Materials

Other Databases

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Outfits and Skins Trooper Cards
Substories Abilities

Game Overview

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Like A Dragon: Ishin! is a modern remake of Ryu Ga Gotoku Ishin!, a spinoff title of the acclaimed Yakuza series of action-adventure games.

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As the original version was previously only released in Japan, Like A Dragon: Ishin! marks the game’s localization for Western audiences.

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Set during the closing years of the Edo period known as the Bakumatsu, Like a Dragon: Ishin! follows the exploits of Sakamoto Ryoma, a samurai on a mission to find his master’s killer. Assuming a fake identity, he joins the Shinsengumi to scour the dangerous streets of Kyoto and fight his way to the truth.

Characters from the Yakuza Franchise Appear

Like a Dragon: Ishin - Game Overview 1 Like a Dragon: Ishin - Game Overview 5

Like A Dragon: Ishin! features several characters from the Yakuza franchise who have been adapted to the game’s setting with key roles in the story. Sakamoto Ryoma is modeled in the character of Kazuma Kiryu, the iconic protagonist of the franchise, while Shinsengumi captain Okita Souji is based on Kiryu’s rival Goro Majima. Familiar friends and foes alike also appear with major and minor roles in the game.

New Features

New Characters

Like A Dragon: Ishin - New Characters

Like A Dragon: Ishin adds several characters from Yakuza 0, Yakuza 6: The Song of Life, and Yakuza: Like A Dragon. The overall casting has also been significantly changed so players can expect to interact with new and familiar faces throughout the game’s main story events.

New Sub Stories (Side Quests)

More Sub Stories (side quests) are included in Like A Dragon: Ishin that are not found in the original Japan-only release on the Playstation 4. These optional missions will also introduce new characters with unique minor story events to significantly add more play time to that of the original game.

New Music (Karaoke Songs)

Like A Dragon: Ishin: - New Karaoke Song (Baka Mitai)

New music through the Karaoke mini game will also be added to Like A Dragon: Ishin. Among the tracks confirmed in the game is a special version of the iconic song Baka Mitai which has been rearranged to fit the setting of the Edo Period.

Photo Mode

Like A Dragon: Ishin’s new Photo Mode will give players options to edit and adjust photo position, add stamps and color filters, and even have characters adopt specific poses and expressions. Photo Mode can also be accessed immediately at the start of game so you can start snapping pictures as you begin the main story.

New Collectible “Notes”

A new type of collectible items simply called “Notes” will also be introduced in the game. These items are found all throughout Kyoto and can be given to a character named Sato to obtain insight text written on each collectible found.

New Ishin Difficulty (Hardest Difficulty Mode)

Like A Dragon: Ishin also features a new difficulty mode called Ishin difficulty which is even more challenging the original release’s EX Hard mode. Players can unlock Ishin difficulty by purchasing the Like A Dragon: Ishin Deluxe Edition which includes exclusive character skins, weapons, items, and the privilege to play the game three days earlier than its regular worldwide launch.

Official Game Trailer

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Source: SEGA YouTube Channel

Like a Dragon: Ishin Blade of Vengeance

Source: SEGA YouTube Channel

Like a Dragon: Ishin Combat Trailer

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Like a Dragon: Ishin Game Trailer

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Game Information

Game Like A Dragon: Ishin!
Genre Action Adventure, Hack and Slash, Beat ‘Em Up
Platform Playstation 5, Playstation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and Steam (PC)
Developer Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio
Publisher Sega
Release Date February 22nd, 2023
Official Website